Happy Tuesday!

Today 2/4 of our kiddos celebrate a BIRTHDAY!
Conner and Carson share a birthday! - 5 years apart! Conner is celebrating 17 years old and Carson is 12 years old today. We have some fun planned and I’ll share more about these two tomorrow!

For now, here are a few photos from the past couple birthdays!

Ages 13 and 8


Ages 14 and 9


Ages 15 and 10


Ages 16 and 11


Man, I love these two!
So again, I’ll share some more of each of them tomorrow but today…

Tuesday Talk Graphic.JPG

I’m teaming up with Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk!!
Once a month, we talk about anything and everything! This month let’s talk

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good podcast! I listen to them while getting ready or while driving, when working on the computer, while I’m running - pretty much just anytime I can squeeze it in!

Here are a few of my favs right now!


The Rise podcast with Rachel Hollis is SO GOOD! Rachel is the author of Girl, Wash Your Face. If you haven’t read her book, I highly recommend it! Rachel is SO motivating, inspiring, and always giving you just the best tips for doing life. And the girl is FUNNY! You’ll love her weekly podcast!

Rise Together.png

She also has a podcast called Rise Together with her husband, Dave! They talk about relationships, marriage, being parents, raising kids, and all about being the best version of yourselves.


Logically Irrational is hosted by Melissa Rycroft Strickland and her husband, Tye Strickland. You may remember Melissa from The Bachelor. Her and Tye now live in Dallas and have three precious kiddos. This podcast is just FUN! They love Reality TV and they share their thoughts on different shows which is usually hilarious! They talk pop culture, relationships, and life! This is an easy listen that will make you LAUGH! This is one of my favs to turn on and go for a run!


I recently started listening to The Brendon Show with Brendon Burchard. I have really enjoyed the two episodes I have listened to thus far. Brendon is a motivational speaker so if that’s your jam, I think you will enjoy it!

There you go! A few podcasts to keep you busy!

Now, please share some of your favorites! What do I need to be adding to my list?!

I’m off to celebrate some birthdays!



Happy Monday, friends!


This is SO me today!
I mean, I have ALL THE THINGS on my To Do list for today, but coffee will be a BIG part of my Monday!

We started our weekend in Aledo Friday night to watch Conner play basketball. Aledo is about a 2 hour drive from Abilene, We loaded up Carson and Cutter after school and headed that way IN THE RAIN. Friends, I-20 is NOT fun to drive in pouring down rain trying to pass around those 18 wheeler trucks. We passed three wrecks and were so grateful to finally arrive!

Conner’s varsity game was scheduled for 7:30pm. However, one of the school buses broke down on the way and therefore the games were running behind. Conner’s game didn’t start until 9:00pm!


And they played DOUBLE overtime! Yes, that’s TWO overtimes. #midnightbasketball

They lost a heartbreaker by 2 but played hard and we are SO incredibly proud of our #44!


That’s him shooting the ball! 😉
In the past 8 weeks, we have traveled to Arlington, Amarillo, San Angelo, Midland, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Aledo, Frenship, and back to Aledo to start district this past week. Friends, we are so happy that this Friday we play AT HOME! If you are local, come cheer us on Friday night at 7:30pm!

Because of our late start and double overtime, we didn’t get home until 2:00am! #mommatired #daddytired #everybodyistired


Carson had a basketball game bright and early Saturday morning. This is Carson standing next to his friend, Revis. These two have known each other since they were babies. So fun to play with (or against) friends!


Poor Carson had strep last week and didn’t feel well for several days. He was exhausted after our late night (although he did sleep on the way home) and ended up playing 3 out of the 4 quarters of the game. Carson was a WARRIOR. Look at him chasing down that rebound!

So proud of this kid! He even took an elbow to the nose but was TOUGH!

And they got the WIN! So he was super excited!


At 3:00pm, we headed to Cutter’s game.

One of Cutter’s best friends, Thomas, is on his team this year and they couldn’t be more excited to play together! Their other sweet friend, Colton, played in the game before us and he stayed to cheer on his friends. These boys have been best little friends since Kindergarten!


Cutter plays point guard and has been working on his ball handling skills this year.


He absolutely LOVES basketball just like his older brothers and sister!

We spent the rest of Saturday cheering on the Dallas Cowboys. Gosh, we really wanted them to keep going in the playoffs! I grew up watching the Cowboys with my Dad and now that’s he’s passed away, it always reminds me of him. :)

Our Sunday consisted of church and more football! #tistheseason

Hope you guys had THE BEST weekend!
I’m gonna grab my cup of coffee (or coffee IV!) and tackle my Monday!


Let's Look! - The Coziest Spot in Your House

Happy Hump Day, friends!
Well, 2/3 of our kids started back to school yesterday. Sweet Carson woke up not feeling well and after a trip to the dr. we had a case of strep confirmed. 🤒So I have a precious boy home another day with me. Crossing our fingers he starts feeling better. He is ready to see his friends at school!

Today, I’m joining up with Erika and Shay for their new Let’s Look link up!

Lets-Look At.jpg

January is all about The Coziest Spot in Your House!


This is my spot!

My favorite time of year for my cozy spot is the winter months. I snapped this picture one day last week when we had 3 days in a row of freezing temps. I had a fire going ALL day. I worked from home on those days so I sat in my cozy spot on the couch with my laptop and enjoyed the fire.


You’ll find me here most mornings having my quiet time before I start my day. You can read about my daily quiet time HERE.


See the seat to the left of the pillows, that’s where you will find me. Our couch also has reclining seats so I love to sit and read or cuddle up with my blanket and watch some Sunday afternoon football with Mark!


I also love how lamps make a room so much more cozy! I turn on lamps as soon as I walk through the house in the mornings. Lamps make me happy!

I LOVE a good candle!
Yankee candles are some of my favorites. I’m a vanilla cupcake, Christmas cookie, Buttercream kinda girl. I want you to walk in and it smell like something wonderful is baking! I wish you could smell my house right now! Candles and yummy scents scream cozy to me!


And of course you can’t have a cozy spot without blankets. Let me tell you, we are a blanket loving family!! In fact, the kids often request blankets for Christmas and this year Cutter wanted TWO new blankets. Ha!

Last year, Mark gave me a Noble Excellence blanket for Christmas. (on the couch in the picture) It is THE SOFTEST blanket ever! It’s a beautiful snow white and the kids always BEG me to use it! I’m usually wrapped up in my blanket in the mornings when I have my quiet time however this past Christmas Mark gave me a Barefoot Dreams robe and right now, it’s been the winner for cozy comfort!

What is your favorite cozy spot? What makes it cozy? I’d love to hear your ideas!


And a cozy spot during the Christmas season is even better!!!
Coffee, blanket, Uggs, Christmas tree, fire, and a book - that’s pretty perfect!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and are cozy wherever you are today! I’m going to be soaking up some snuggles and some movie time with my sweet Carson.

See you tomorrow!



Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed your holiday break! December was a super busy month for us so I took the time to soak it in and really enjoy all the festivities this year. I’ll share more about what all we’ve been up to on Thursday, but today is all about



On December 29th, our baby girl turned TWENTY-ONE!

Yes, I was a blubbery mess! I simply cannot believe that sweet baby girl who made me a Momma is 21 years old. It just doesn’t seem real. (And surely I cannot be old enough to have a 21-year-old!)

We spent her birthday in the Metroplex. We were there to watch Conner play in a basketball tournament and decided to stay an extra day…


Look at what Alyssa brought home!!!!
She was SO excited to have a new car! And let me tell you, she deserves it! She literally drove her car until it could go no more. RIP Black Beauty. 😢


We spent most of the morning car shopping and then had a late lunch to celebrate the birthday girl! Monkey bread pizookie for the win!

We had a 3 hour drive home that night but before we headed out, we made a stop at Kendra Scott.


Because every girl needs a little Kendra Scott on her birthday!

Alyssa has always been the brightest eyed, sweetest little girl.


She is pure JOY!
We have LOVED watching her grow up over the years!


Alyssa Michelle,
Mark and I are so very proud of you and feel so incredibly blessed to be your parents. You have always been fearless when it comes to getting the most out of life whether that be trying new things, making memories with your family and friends, or just excelling at everything you do. We are especially proud of how you have handled the role of big sister. The unique bond you have with Conner is amazing to watch. The love you show and the interest you take in Carson and Cutter blesses them immensely and is heartwarming to us as parents. Knowing the crazy busy schedule you maintain keeping a 4.0 in college and working nearly full time makes the time you take to text, Facetime, and keep up with your brothers all the more special. Their faces light up when they talk to you and tell you their big moments like making a shot in their basketball game or attending a Homecoming dance but also when they share the little things like school projects, studying for finals for the first time, and the latest Fortnite dance.


We all miss you so very much but since you left me alone in a house full of boys, I miss you the MOST!! I love that even living three hours apart, our bond is stronger than ever! You have been my little sidekick since you started talking and following me around. You have been by my side as a toddler baking brownies and licking the bowl ( actually you still do that!), helping me surprise Mark and the boys with gifts (although you weren’t great at keeping secrets!), and now by my side as a friend. I cherish our long talks on the phone, our quick chats on FaceTime to approve an outfit or share a laugh, our texts and gifs back and forth, and the fact that neither of us can go a day without talking to the other! You will always hold a special place in my heart.


I hope you also know how much you are loved and adored by Mark! I love to watch the two of you banter back and forth, teasing one another and trying to embarrass each other. You two have the sweetest, most precious bond. I have always loved this picture because it captures you both so perfectly.


And he misses you terribly too! He asks me every day if I have talked to you - even though I usually find out he’s texted you throughout the day as well! :)


Most importantly, your love for the Lord shines bright in all you do! You love others, you love BIG, and you always look for opportunities to share Jesus!

I know God has HUGE plans for you and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

In your own sweet 4-year-old words, “I love you bigger than the skies and castles! But not bigger than God, because nothing is bigger than God.”

Happy Birthday, Alyssa Michelle!