It's the LAST Friday of the school year
and we are PUMPED at the Ferry house!

It's been another week full of fun end of the year activities at school and finishing up baseball season. Our schedules have been crazy and therefore I haven't been on the blog every day. I'll be back consistently once we survive May! 😉

I shared about our family sign earlier this week. 


You can read about what "Don't Miss It" means to us HERE

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As always, I am linking up with ERIKA, NARCIand ANDREA to share my FAVORITES from the week! I have a lot to share today. Grab your coffee and let's go! 



Last Friday was the city wide 5th grade track meet. Carson and his friend, Rylan, both decided to enter. Carson ran the 400M and placed 3rd in his heat! Not bad for a kid who doesn't really love to run. We were so proud he signed up and tried something outside his comfort zone! 


IMG_1700 2.jpg

Carson and Cutter are both MILLION WORD READERS this year! 
On Monday, they attended a special day of activities at Abilene Christian University's campus to celebrate with the other Million Word Readers in the district. 


So proud of their hard work!
Praying they grow up to love reading as much as I do! 😊




Cutter had his GT Showcase in front of judges at school on Tuesday. He wanted to look nice for his presentation and took extra time fixing his hair that morning. He wanted me to snap a pic and send to his big sister! How cute is he?! And Alyssa approved! 



This is my sweet nephew, Corban!

On Wednesday, I pulled Cutter and Carson out of school so we could go eat lunch with Corban. Cutter and Carson are switching schools in the Fall and will be at the same one as their cousin. They wanted a sneak peak at campus!

We ate lunch with Corban and then he gave us a quick tour. The teachers had decorated for STAAR testing the entire hallway! It was THE CUTEST! We snapped pics of these little lumberjacks! 


We surprised the boys and let them skip the rest of the afternoon! 

We took Corban home with us for some fun! 


Of course, there was a lot of Fortnite to be played! 

Are your kiddos addicted to this game too? Or is it just everyone at my house? All 3 of our boys ages 9, 11, and 16 love the game. 

They headed outside and played several games of cornhole. 


They told me to take some "action" shots. 



Except they wanted to pose for their action shots! Ha! 

Cousins are ALWAYS a FAVORITE! 



Thursday was a BIG day for our Cutter Maddux! 

He started the day with his class awards ceremony. He was given the class Math award, A Honor Roll, Sportsmanship award, and Million Word Reader. He ROCKED the 3rd grade!

That evening, he played a baseball game to determine the 2nd place team for the season because we were tied for 2nd with another team. 



Hot Rods got the win and 2nd place for the season! This kid was BEAMING when he came off the field!

City Tournament - Here we come! 


I have had several of you message me on Instagram about t-shirts so I wanted to share with you my newest purchases from Oliver and Otis

Please keep in mind that I got home late Thursday night and took quick pics on our kitchen table. These are not great photos because I couldn't find good light at night in our house. #bloggerproblems 


Seriously one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! I have this Rainbow Ringer on repeat!



This Happy Place t-shirt just makes me HaPpY! 
Texas is home and home is my happy place so it is perfect! 
I bought it in mint green with navy writing but they also have it in periwinkle blue with coral. Both are so cute! 



I also grabbed this white TX serape tee. Love the bright colors for summer! 

And anytime you purchase 3 tees - you get a SURPRISE logo tee for FREE! 



How cute is this logo tee?! You can't see the colors very well because of the bad light ( so sorry!) but take my word - CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! 

Oliver and Otis is a company that a sweet friend of mine, Allie, started with her sister, Arin, and their precious mom, Patti! I absolutely ADORE these girls and their entire family!  

They love Jesus! They love Texas! They love people! 
And they have THE BEST t-shirts! 



They have onesies too! And Momma and baby can match! How SWEET is that!! 

Here are a few other of my FAVORITES that I have my eye on next!



You Make Me Happy

And if you need something for July 4th



Lit Like the 4th

Go visit their website at Oliver and Otis and getcha some! 


One last FAVORITE for today! 


Abilene Women With a Purpose is holding an event on May 31st to help provide undies for some of the homeless youth in Abilene. If you are local, the details are below! We would LOVE to have you join us! If you are not local and would like to participate and help children in need of undies (sizes 5/6 or 7/8) - email me at or message me on FB or Instagram. I'll give you an address you can send your donations to and I will personally make sure they are given! I already have a few friends that purchased through Amazon Prime and just shipped to me. Easy peasy! 

Details for locals:

Join us at The Mill for a fun girls night out UNDIE the Stars. Make friends + sip wine + help Abilene homeless with youth all in one magical night! 
*If funds allow, we would LOVE for you to bring a pack of 5/6 or 7/8 underwear to donate*

Whew! If you made it to the end of this post, THANK YOU for hanging with me today! 

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or Instagram HERE.

Happy Friday, friends!  

XO- Tish

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Hey Hey Everyone! 

Happy Monday! 

Last week, I shared a little on Tuesday Talk about how our favorite family vacation to date was when we went to Family Camp in Glorieta, NM. 



This was us on Super Hero day! 

We attended Family Camp with three other families we are close friends with and had

THE BEST time!



We did lots of activities that week! 

IMG_7078 (1).jpg

Hiking and exploring!


Archery tag! 





But the BIGGEST BLESSING of our week, was spending time studying God's word together. 

Each morning, we had a worship time with all the families where we would start our day singing songs of praise. We would then break into small groups - adults, youth, and children broken up by ages/grades. We each studied the same lesson each day but it was taught on each level. We had a speaker for the week that shared the lesson with the adults and then camp counselors taught the lesson and led discussion with the kids. 

Next, was family time. Each family found a place to meet and further discuss the day's lesson with one another and complete an assigned activity. It was wonderful to have this time with our kids and to really listen to what was on their hearts! 

At the end of our week, each family was given a wooden board and asked to discuss what their family took away from the lessons that week. What could we take home with us that God had laid on our hearts. We discussed it with our four kiddos and decided on the slogan
"Don't Miss It".



Alyssa painted our sign for us. :) 

Don't Miss It.

We wanted to come home and remember that God is always with us and He is always working around us. 

Don't Miss It.

Don't Miss the opportunities God gives you each day.
Don't Miss the chance to be kind. 
To be nice to others.
To encourage one another.
To lift each other up.
To pray for one another.


Don't Miss the opportunity to share God's love.
To tell others about Him.
To be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Don't Miss the opportunity to praise God.
To see God in everything around you. 
To lift your voice in song to glorify Him.

Don't Miss It. 



We decided to hang it above the door to our garage. 

This is the door we come in and out of 20 million times a day. When we discussed as a family where to hang our sign in our home, this was the place we all agreed. We wanted to see this reminder every day as we left our home and went out into the world. 

My prayer for you this week is that you Don't Miss It. 

Have a blessed week, friends! 


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Hey there, Friday! So glad to see you! 

We are in full end of the year mode around here as I am sure many of you are as well! We can see summer coming and WE ARE READY! 

As always, I'm linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA for Friday Favorites!


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First, my ABSOLUTE favorite for this week....


My surprise visit from Alyssa for Mother's Day! 

I shared about Mother's Day and our weekend on Monday. You can read that post HERE.


On Monday night, we attended a Basketball Banquet for Conner. 

Conner is ALL basketball. This kid lives and breathes for the game. He is already talking about and working towards a college basketball scholarship. He has high goals! 

They announced each player and then presented a few awards.

Conner was awarded the Defensive MVP!


So proud of this kid! 


P.S. Conner is trying so hard to be taller than Mark. Ha! 😉

A few weeks ago I shared my love for Nikki's coffee! It is a locally owned coffee and froyo and now that we moved farther south Abilene, I pass by it every day. Now, Mark may tell you this is a problem (bc I tend to go every day!) but I am so excited about it! I am all about supporting small businesses - we have to stick together-but honestly their coffee is AH-MAZING!

I grabbed coffee on the way to a meeting on Wednesday and tried something new - a coconut latte. Friends, it was THE BEST.



And several of you messaged me after my last post asking for an iced coffee recommendation.

Here it is!


Double shot on ice!

My friend, Allie, got me hooked on these. #lifechanging


Another FAVORITE this week - painted rocks!



Carson went on a camping trip with our church a few weeks ago and he brought home rocks he had found and painted. 

He was so proud of them and they are currently in our front flowerbed. 😊



Cutter has been working on a project for school where they had to create their own city. They had to name the city, come up with rules, explain how the city receives resources, etc. 

On Thursday, they presented their final projects to parents. 



Cutter named his city Small Bug. 


He did a power point presentation for us explaining all about Small Bug!


My favorite part were his holidays! 

National Birthday Day is a day where everyone in the city celebrates their birthdays together. One big party! And it happens to be on April 23rd - Cutter's birthday! He loves birthdays as much as his Mama! 

He also declared a National Running Day because this kid seriously LOVES to run. #thatisnotfromhismama 



Froyo after school with these cuties is always a FAVORITE! 

They are growing up so fast! 


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Who is excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow???

I'll be up early to watch! 

The Royal Family is always a FAVORITE! 


Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!

See you back here Monday!