Hey there, Tuesday!

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I’m linking up with Ashley and Erika for their monthly Tuesday Talk post! Once a month, we talk about anything and everything and just “chat”.

Today, let’s talk about meal planning during busy seasons. I don’t know about you, but there are certain times of the year when my meal planning and cooking dinner is STRONG. I’m cooking 4-5 nights a week, we’re grilling out, we have all the veggies, and trying out new recipes. On the other hand, there are our busy seasons of life - for us that’s mostly basketball and baseball season. Right now, Carson and Cutter are both playing baseball which means we play Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Add church on Wednesday nights and it’s a meal planning nightmare! Most nights we leave the house around 5:00pm and return either at 8:00pm or 10:00pm depending on the times of their games. And whichever one of them has a game that night, the other has baseball practice. (or Cutter also has soccer!)

We have a lot of “Choose Your Own Adventure” nights where the kids fend for themselves. We try to keep frozen options such as corn dogs, chicken nuggets, chicken fried steak, pizza rolls, bagel bites, chicken pot pies, etc. on hand for those nights. The boys pack sandwiches for lunch every day so I know they’d prefer something different for dinner. Because of the crazy schedules, we all eat at different times and I’m not always home to grab something out of the crockpot. So, please HELP!

What ideas do you have for things we can pack on the go and take with us to eat at games/practice or in transition to places? What are your other go-to quick meals? This Momma needs ideas!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Today’s post is really a wrap up of last week! Between all the baseball and soccer practices/games plus my busy season at work, I’ve fallen behind on blogging again. #sigh However, this week I’m catching up and have some of my FAVORITE posts! I’m sharing my Amazon Lately post where you can see what we’ve been priming to our house (I love getting ideas reading what other’s order!) as well as a Book Review post. EEKS! Book Reviews are my very favorite posts! So be sure to come back this week!

We started out our week THE BEST way!


Alyssa came for a visit!

She had an orthodontic appointment Monday morning so she came in late Sunday night and left Tuesday. It was a quick visit but we are always grateful to see our girl!


Carson and Cutter were so excited to see her when they got home from school.


Her brothers miss her a ton!


Carson worked all week on a project for his Science class. He had to make a 3-D model of a plant cell.


He did such a great job!


He made each part out of clay and then painted them. Once dry, he glued in place inside a cardboard box he had shaped to look like a plant cell. He was so excited about the way it turned out!


Something HUGE happened at the ballpark this week!
Cutter got a HIT!!

This is BIG, friends! For those of you who don’t know, Cutter was batting in a game two years ago and when he hit the ball, the bat came back at him and hit him in the mouth breaking four permanent teeth. Bless his heart. Cutter has been scared to death to hit since then. Last year, he wouldn’t stay in the batter’s box. Jumped out as soon as a pitch was thrown. But this year, he has been staying in and finally started swinging! On Friday night, he got a TRIPLE! (He’s a SUPER fast runner! Ha!) We were so excited for him!! Seeing him overcome a fear is a win this week!


Look at that smile!


Mark and I started running again together now that Spring is here with pretty weather. I snapped this pic of our running buddies this week. Ha! They look super thrilled to see us! I’ll take the cows any day over snakes!

I may or may not have encountered a snake last year on a run and made Mark pick me up in his car! #mommadontdosnakes

I hope you guys have a great Monday! See you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Talk!


LIFE LATELY {3.25.19}

Happy Monday, friends!!

Well, I took a longer break from blogging than planned but it was fabulous and much needed! Originally, I was going to take off Spring Break with my kids…and it was wonderful! Lots of rest, late nights, movie time, playing outside, and board games. Exactly what our family needed before starting up busy baseball season. However, the 17th was my birthday and Mark surprised me with a trip to Vegas! We spent five days together last week - just the two of us. It was FABULOUS! Today I’m sharing a little from our trip and a little life lately. 😉


Earlier this month, Cutter performed a musical at church about the story of Joseph with a 50s twist - Not Your Average Joe . If you know this kid, it was HUGE that he stood up there and sang with the Kidz Praise Choir! And having your friend in choir with you makes it even better!


Spring soccer season started a few weeks ago for Cutter. We had to bundle up for the first game of the season, but we were so grateful for warmer weather this week!


Carson played his first game of the season this week. He wears his Daddy’s old baseball number - #19!


Cutter played his first games this week too. However, to be a little different than his older brother, he wears Daddy’s old basketball number - #31!

We have games Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. If you need us for the next few months, we’ll be at the ballpark! #myfavoritetimeofyear

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We celebrated my birthday in Vegas this year! I’m a St. Patrick’s Day baby so I was sporting my green for the day!

Mark surprised me with the trip and it was THE BEST birthday!


Mark booked us at the Palazzo. I don’t normally post pics of hotel rooms but I was so impressed!


We had a whole seating area complete with desk and dining table.


And the bathroom was beautiful! I think it was probably the largest we’ve ever had on a trip.


It even had a make up vanity!

Mark had no idea the room was so nice. He was pleasantly surprised as well!

IMG_7451 2.jpeg

We ate lobster rolls one day and lobster grilled cheese the next day for lunch at Luke’s. They were both SO GOOD!

IMG_7436 2.jpeg

I didn’t take a lot of pics this trip but I’m always a sucker for a waterfall or fountain. I think they are beautiful and so soothing when you stop to listen.


We did a lot of walking! Over 70,000 steps in three days!
We went to the Fashion Mall and did a little shopping too. I think they add more stores every time we go!


My favorite was Kendra Scott!
We don’t have one locally so I always love to see all the jewelry. I love her pieces because they are so lightweight and most can be dressed up or down depending on if you are headed to church or just in t-shirt and jeans for the day.

That’s a little life lately.
Hope you guys have a great week!

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Hey there, Wednesday!

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I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for their Let’s Look At… link up! Each month we “look at” a different topic. This month is all about the people in your family!

Family is EVERYTHING to me! I am so grateful for my husband, Mark. He is truly my gift from God and I am blessed to journey through this life with him! We have four kids - one girl (our oldest) and three boys. I can’t believe God chose me to be their mom! They BLESS me every single day!

In January, I shared a post IF YOU ARE NEW AROUND HERE where I shared all about me as well as each member of my family so you can get to know us a little better. You can read that post HERE.


These are my people! :)