Our kiddos had the week off this year for Thanksgiving and we took FULL advantage of some much needed family time! 

These two were on their bikes as soon as they got home from school on Friday. 


It has still been in the 60s and 70s here in Texas so the weather has been perfect for playing outside. Although, I am definitely ready for it to get cooler for the holidays! (and for a change in wardrobe!) #bringonthesweaters


We went to east Texas to my Mom's lake house the weekend before Thanksgiving to celebrate with my family. 

My Mom's three sisters were there and my grandmother. That's my pretty Momma on the left!


Love my sweet Granny!

Side note: I grew up calling her "Granny". When Alyssa was little, she called my Mom, Granny Pat, and so she started calling my grandmother "Granny from far away" because we had to drive farther (4 hours) to her house. So cute and it stuck! We love our Granny from Far Away! 

We ate a big Thanksgiving lunch on Saturday with everyone. My older brother, Jeremy, my sister, Tiffani, my niece, and nephew were all there as well. We had a house full! On Sunday, we had coffee on the deck and then got in a little fishing before we headed home. 


My Mom, niece, and Carson on the dock. 


This was my view all morning. It is so beautiful and so peaceful. I just love the lake house! 


Cutter and Carson fished with me but I was the only one who caught one! 


We cleaned up and headed into Terrell for lunch with Alyssa before she headed back to Waco for a few more days of classes. 


Her brothers were excited to see her for the weekend! 


Conner played a basketball game at home on Tuesday. #loveour22 


Alyssa came home from Waco on Wednesday. LOVE having our girl home!!

We taught Carson and Cutter to play Canasta! I think we may have set a record for the longest first round EVER! #anhourandahalflater #theylovedit


We spent Thanksgiving Day at Mark's parent's house. We ate all the traditional feast of turkey and dressing, sides, and desserts and more dessert and more dessert.  Then dessert again for dinner! 


My MIL, Ruth, makes THE BEST lemon pie! Honestly, all her pies are delicious. She makes her crusts from scratch and it takes her days to bake all the pies. Pecan, pumpkin, lemon, chess, and Mark's favorite, coconut. #alittlepieceofheaven 



All the girls! 

My SIL Karen, SIL Anne, Alyssa, me, and my MIL, Ruth. Isn't she the cutest?! I am THANKFUL to be a part of this family. We have a lot of fun together! 

Hope your Thanksgiving break was full of food, laughter, and love as well!