12 Days until Christmas! EEEKS! 

Are you finished with all your shopping? #notme

December is going by WAY TOO FAST! I'm trying to soak up all the Holiday season. I need this month to SLOW DOWN!

Let's talk Christmas Movies! 

Christmas Movie Night.jpg

Our family LOVES to watch movies, but especially this time of year! We all get cozy on the couch with blankets, popcorn, and hot chocolate and watch all the Christmas movies! 

Our #1 favorite!

Christmas Vacation .jpg

Growing up, my Dad wanted to be the Griswolds! He went all out with the lights on our house and trying to "out do" the neighbors. Although, I'm not sure the neighbors ever knew about the competition. Ha! Mark and our boys work hard to keep up this family tradition. They put lights on anything and everything outside!

Our family quotes this movie ALL. YEAR. LONG. 

I will say, there is a "family friendly" version we watch with the kids!

Home Alone.jpg

How can you go wrong with Home Alone? Conner, Carson, and Cutter especially love watching all the Home Alone movies. So funny! 

Four Christmases.png

Four Christmases! You cannot go wrong with Vince and Reese! 

The Grinch.jpg

Alyssa's favorite is The Grinch! 

The Family Stone.jpg

I love to watch this movie while wrapping gifts. I may have already watched it twice this week!

A few more family favorites...

The Santa Claus.jpg
The Polar Express.jpg

Comment and share some of your favorite Christmas movies!