Today I'm linking up with ANDREA to share Christmas Decor! I love to read these posts and take a peek inside everyone's homes this time of year. Christmas decor makes me happy! 

Because our house is currently on the market for sale (You can take a home tour HERE), we decided to put up our Christmas tree and just a few Christmas touches throughout the house instead of everything Christmas this year. We were afraid our house might feel too cluttered for showings for potential buyers.

Therefore, I have a few Christmas touches to share today but I'm going to share more about our Christmas tree/ornaments. 


When we built our house, we knew we would buy a new Christmas tree. Mark insisted it not be a "skinny tree". I think he succeeded! #littlefull #lotofsap Can you quote that Christmas movie?!

Our living room ceilings are 10 foot so Mark found the tallest tree that would fit and still be able to have a star on top. 

We always set it up in the corner of our living room which does block off one entrance to the hallway leading to the kids' rooms however there is another entrance and it's only for a month. We can all use the extra steps! 


All 6 stockings match. #markisocd #soiam Ha!

We always hang our stockings from oldest to youngest - Dad, Mom, Alyssa, Conner, Carson, Cutter. Is this normal? I see other people hang theirs in no order at all. Just curious how you hang yours...



Our first Christmas together, Mark gave me a snow globe with the year on it. Every year since, he has given me a new one. However, if you notice, there are a few missing. Sweet Conner broke one when he was a toddler. We didn't have a fireplace at that house and so we had them on a shelf that evidently he could reach. We also lost one in the move that got broken. 


Did you see Buddy, our elf, hiding on the mantle?


When I taught 3rd grade, one of my students gave me this singing Christmas tree. You press the button and he dances and sings O Christmas Tree. My own kids look forward to getting him out every year! He is in the living room too for all to enjoy. 


Last year, Cutter decided he wanted his own snow globe and asked for a Stars Wars one for his room. 


We added a few Christmas pictures on the coffee bar and in the kitchen. 


This sign greets you in our entry way.


Along with our little snowman. 


And this sign is in my office.


Our Christmas tree is decorated with a hodge podge of ornaments. Glass balls, ornaments the kids have made over the years, ornaments that have been gifted to us, or some we have picked up while traveling. Again, since we didn't get out everything Christmas this year. I thought I would share some of the ornaments with you. 


This was one of the first ornaments Alyssa made when she was in pre-school. She was SO PROUD of it! Now that she is almost 20 yrs old, she still loves seeing it on the tree. 


Carson Michael


Cutter Maddux


One of my favorites of Alyssa and Conner!

This sweet cross was made by one of my students many years ago.


This ornament I brought back from my Mission trip to Thailand in 2010. 


And this one is from Thailand that I brought back for my Dad. He passed away in December that year before Christmas, so it is on my tree. We miss him every single day. 


We have several ornaments that represent us. 


Mark is a HUGE Kentucky Wildcat Basketball fan! 


And a HUGE Elvis fan too!


Give me all the shoes!


One of our favorite things to do in the winter is go out to Mark's parent's cabin aka The Creek, and make smores around the fire.  Mark's sister gave us this ornament a few years ago and it is perfect to remember those sweet times!


Our brother-in-law went on a Mission trip to Russia several years ago and brought us this ornament. Don't you love ornaments from around the world? It is a great reminder to be praying for others!

The two most precious ornaments on our tree are in memory of our two babies in heaven. It is always emotional to hang them every year. At night, I sit by the tree in the quiet and think about those sweet babies with Jesus. 


This is the back of the ornament.


Merry Christmas from the Ferry family!


That's our home this year! 

Happy HAPPY Tuesday!