Hi! I'm Tish! A wife. A mom. A Realtor. A Jesus Freak. 

There are lots of blogs out there today and I am a lover of reading books and blogs! My favorite blogs are those you read and feel like you have become friends, even though you have never met. I love seeing pictures of people doing life, sharing with others, and encouraging others.  I love the blogging community and I want to be a part of it! 

My Mark...we may be completely opposite in the height department but we are still a perfect match. He loves the Lord and loves us and we are blessed to have him lead our family. 

We have four kiddos, Alyssa (19), Conner (15,), Carson (10), and Cutter (almost 8).  The almost 8 is VERY important to my actual 7 year old. I'm sure your kids are the same way when they get within 2 months of their upcoming birthdays!

Now that our oldest (and only girl), Alyssa, has gone to college (insert ugly cry) it makes it that much more real how fast the time goes raising babies.  You know, you blink and another school year has flown by and your kids are a year older.  That being said, I am NOT the scrapbook person.  I WANT to be the creative scrapbook girl who has one for every year and major event of my kids' lives, but alas, it is NOT ME. However, I AM the nerd girl who loves to type, read, and write and so my hope is that this can be my creative outlet.  

Disclaimer: When I say creative, I use the word referring to me, Tish, being creative which translates to lots of pictures of my family, kids, and friends.  I am not referring to creative in the sense of my friend, Shawna, who LITERALLY oozes creativity out of her pores! (which is why I hang around her as often as possible so maybe some of her creative juices will rub off on me!) 

So, although this blog may not be the most exciting and cutest blog ever, I hope it will be a place where I can scrapbook our life for my kiddos to look back on (and probably laugh about!) over the years. My hope is this blog will be a happy place for others as well to share and find encouragement. 

Life is crazy. Life is chaotic. Life is messy. But life is also a precious GIFT. 

Let's be friends and do this life together!