Often I pray "Father, break my heart for what breaks yours." But let me tell you, when you say that prayer, be prepared for God to answer.  It can be overwhelming and also a great blessing. 

Manda Strong

Manda Strong

I have been praying for Manda Maxwell and her family for the past few years.  I first read about Manda and her journey on one of her friend's blogs. Then I started following her Facebook page which you can find HERE.  Manda has battled cancer three times in her life and her story is inspiring.  She chooses Faith Over Fear and has a very powerful testimony which you can watch HERE.  Manda is now in the arms of Jesus. 

On Monday, I had coffee with a friend and was sharing about Manda with her.  I told her I wasn't sure why it was affecting me so much this week.  Manda's husband and her two kids, her parents (you'll meet her Mom when you watch her testimony), and her friends who have been impacted have all been on my heart.  I HURT for them.  My sweet friend said "It affects you so much because you have been praying for her."  That statement has stuck with me these past few days.  The power of prayer...I believe in it.  I am a HUGE prayer warrior.  Prayer brings you closer to God.  Prayer is an intimate time to share with our Savior, praising Him, thanking Him, asking for forgiveness, asking for His help, and lifting others up.  Lifting OTHERS up, my friends.  As my sweet friend reminded me, praying for others brings you closer together, even if you are strangers who have never met. 

My heart is broken for this family.  My heart is broken for all those fighting cancer.  I am forever grateful that Manda shared her story, her faith, her love for Jesus.  She touched many lives including my own.  I am thankful tonight to have had the privilege to lift her up in prayer to God.  I will continue to pray for her husband, children, family, and friends.  Prayer is a precious gift God has given to us.  I am humbled and honored to be able to lift others up to my Lord and Savior.  

Might you pray that God will break your heart. Break it for orphans, widows, those fighting cancer or illness, those who have lost a loved one, those who do not know Jesus.  And then, be faithful to pray. 

Thank you, God, for Manda Maxwell and her life.  Thank you for touching so many lives through her journey, her faith, and her willingness to share her love for you.  I pray I will be as bold as Manda so that others will know Jesus.