How We...Wednesday {Spring clean/organize}

It's Wednesday! Happy Hump Day!

Today, I am linking up with SHAY and ERIKA for How We Wednesday!

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Today's topic is how we spring clean and/or organize!

Here's the thing, we just moved last month after being in the same home for 10 years. I DECLUTTERED. I went through every closet, kids' drawers, dressers, kitchen drawers, cabinets, attic, garage, etc and I CLEANED OUT and DECLUTTERED. It was MUCH NEEDED!

So, I don't really have a lot of spring cleaning on my agenda this year. I'm ahead of the game!  #allthepraisehands

Now, organization IS MY JAM! 

If you ask anyone who knows me well, they will tell you I cannot function without organization. I wish I could fly by the seat of my pants more and be more laid back. just isn't me. I NEED organization and I LOVE to be organized. 

In fact, Mark would probably tell you I'm a little overkill. 😉

First of all, give me all the supplies to be organized! 


I love all the pens, pencils, colored pens/markers, sharpies, notepads, calendars, sticky notes, file folders and anything else that helps me be organized! 


These are my absolute favorite notepads! They are soft paper to write one. If you know what that means, then we are going to be best friends! 😉 You can grab yours at Target! 

Let's talk calendars. I have three.

Yes, THREE calendars.


My larger calendar is where I keep up with all the kids' activities - practices, games, award ceremonies, school functions, school holidays, school parties, bday parties, etc. I also keep work appointments, Dr appointments, church activities, and everything else in this calendar! It is all color coded. Each child has a color for their activities so I can quickly glance at who needs to be where and when. My brokerage is Red Apple, Realtors® so anything related to work for me is in red on the calendar. As I add showing appointments for clients, listings, photo shoots, etc they are all in red. Personal appointments for me such as Dr. appointments or coffee/lunch dates with friends are a light purple color and holidays and school calendar notes are in a dark purple. You get the idea! 


I couldn't snap a picture of my April calendar due to confidential client info but here is a glance at my May. It will definitely fill up more! 

There is also a weekly calendar for each month. This is where I keep my "to do" list for each day. In real estate, there are lots of important deadlines in a transaction of purchasing and/or selling a home so this helps me keep it all straight! 


These are my favorite colored pens.


The Papermate Flair are what I use on my calendar because they don't bleed through to other pages. 


I use these fun Yummy Scented glitter pens for my "To Do" lists. 


And this is my favorite pencil to use if you're not a pen person! 

My second calendar is my Blogging calendar.


I picked this one up at Target. 


I start the month writing in link ups I am going to participate in and then fill in the other days.

And last, I use this cute Mary Engelbreit calendar to keep up with homework, school projects, when library books are due...all those little reminders for each kiddo. I also write our meals for the week. This calendar stays on the kitchen counter so we can quickly reference after school and I glance at it in the mornings to know what I need to prepare for dinner. 


The other thing I do to keep organized is make lists! 


This is ME! 

I keep a grocery list, a daily "To Do" list for work, a "To Do" list for projects around the house, a list of marketing I am working on for real estate...lists lists lists! I LOVE lists! 

Thanks for stopping by today!