Hello Monday! 

Today I am sharing 25 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME!

Grab your cup of coffee, get cozy, and here we go! 



1.  I once issued a warrant for my own arrest! In high school, I worked for the County Clerk's office and issued warrants to be executed. One day, I accidentally entered my name in the wrong blanks and had issued a warrant for myself! Luckily, the Sheriff's office caught the error and thought it was funny. They never let me live it down!

2.  I must have COMPLETE darkness to sleep. (And a box fan for white noise!)

3.  When I was in 3rd grade, I composed a song about the Statue of Liberty on the piano and won 3rd place in the state of Texas! 

4.  I have fan girled twice in my life - once when I met Melissa Rycroft (from the Bachelor/Good Morning Dose) in Vegas. She and her husband, Tye, were SUPER sweet! We played Roulette with them! :) The second time was when I (sorta met) Shay Shull of Mix and Match Mama blog. She spoke at my sister-in-law's church in Lewisville. I drove 3 hours that morning to hear her speak at a MOPS group and my heart raced the whole time! I was SO excited to hear her speak!! 

5.  I make my bed EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. I would rather be late to work or my kids late to school than come home to an unmade bed!

6.  I was caught on fire by fireworks when I was 15.  To this day, I can watch fireworks but I want no part in setting them off! 

7.  The toilet paper roll ALWAYS has to be put on where it goes OVER the roll! I change this at my office all the time. (We will see how many of my co-workers read my blog!) I may have been known to change this at my Mom's house as well as friends' homes as well. 

8.  I ran a half marathon. That was my first race to ever run! 

9.  I LOVE coffee! Like it is seriously what gets me out of bed every morning! 

10.  I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes.

11.  My full first name is Tish. I get asked all the time "What is Tish short for?" Just me! Ha! My Mom had a friend from England whose daughter was named Patricia. They called her Tish because she was always such a happy baby. Tish means JOY!. My Mom loved the name so she gave it to me. 😊

12.  My eyelashes ARE REAL! I have never used any type of mascara to help them grow. In fact, I have to trim them so that I can wear sunglasses! 

13.  I have flown 6 times in my life and only once was it a domestic flight. My 7th flight will be in June to Israel - international again! 

14.  I quote Christmas Vacation ALL. YEAR. LONG. 

15.  I worked for a Bail Bondsman when I was 18 years old when I thought I wanted to major in Criminal Justice in college. I changed to Education. 

16.  I took twirling lessons when I was in middle school because I wanted to be a baton twirler and Rifle Girl in high school. My Freshman year of high school, the school cut out the twirlers. 

17.  I tend to have random thoughts run through my mind. Like, when I see a field I think - How many blades of grass are in that field? How many trees are on Interstate 20 between Abilene, TX and Dallas, TX? I think Cutter (our youngest) may also have this line of thinking! He is giving me a run for my money already!

18.  I had ALL of my baby teeth pulled by the dentist except one! The roots to my baby teeth didn't dissolve like they were supposed to do. 

19.  When my daughter, Alyssa, got her ears pierced (she was 6 yrs old) I PASSED OUT! Right in the middle of the store at the Mall! 

20.  I can handle blood and I can see organs and surgeries, but I CANNOT handle the thought of the cutting of skin or puncturing of skin. (Thus, #19 happened!) 

21.  The clothes in my closet are all organized by style (i.e. dresses, tshirts, work shirts, pants, jeans, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, etc.) and by color. (I don't think this is odd but my sister tells me this is not normal. Ha!)

22.  I have to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door, NOT the window! 

23.  I watch Friends and Gilmore Girls on repeat throughout the day, including first thing in the morning while I brush my teeth! 

24.  I cannot work without background noise. I always have music or a TV show/movie playing while I work. 

25.  I LOVE to read so much that when I finish a book, I find myself thinking about the characters as though they were real. I miss them! (Please tell me I am not the only one!)

There you go! Some randomness for your Monday! 

Hope you guys have a FaNtAsTiC day! 


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