Happy Monday, Everyone!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! 

We had crazy freezing temperatures here in Texas on Saturday. Thankfully, they canceled soccer and baseball and so we had the day to get all the things done on our "To Do" list! Well, a lot of things anyway. It was a much needed day at home!

We attended church on Sunday morning, had Cutter's soccer game Sunday afternoon, a meeting at church, and then the annual Pie Auction at church that evening which is a fundraiser for our youth. 

This week, we have STAAR testing (standardized testing required in TX) at school and therefore no baseball games scheduled. This Momma is looking forward to a little less chaotic week! 😉

Today, I wanted to share about my Daily Quiet Time. 


My favorite way to start my day is with my daily quiet time. My morning routine is to wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth, grab a cup of coffee, and have my quiet time. 

Now please know that for many years while my kiddos were little and my sleep was interrupted with babies and toddlers, I squeezed in my quiet time whenever I could throughout my day. When I taught, it was during my break. However, now that my kiddos are older and my sleep schedule is more consistent, I MUCH prefer mornings! I have always been a morning person. I just LOVE the quiet stillness of the morning hours. 


I start with reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. 


Each day has a short reading and then some scripture references. It is always a good thought for my day.

Next, I read my One Year Bible. 


Mark gave me this Bible for Christmas in 2016 and I LOVE it! I read it in 2017 and am now repeating it in 2018. No matter how much or how often I read scripture, God is always faithful to reveal something new to me. Things I didn't dwell on the first time or details I missed before will jump off the page.  I am constantly growing in my faith and in my walk with the Lord. 


My One Year Bible is written in the New Living Translation. The format is broken into daily readings as well. There is a passage from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverbs for each day. The passages are written in order of the books of the Bible. For example, your Old Testament reading will be in Genesis each day until you read all of Genesis, then it will go to Exodus - New Testament starts with Matthew, then Mark and so on. You read through the Psalms in order and then Proverbs in order as well. 


I really like the format! It has been the easiest for me to follow when reading all the way through the Bible. 

You can find the One Year Bible on Amazon HERE. 


After my daily readings, I spend time in prayer. Praying over my day, my kids, Mark, my family, my clients, friends, and any other prayer concerns for that day. 

I am a HUGE believer in the power of prayer.


I keep a prayer journal to remind me of prayer requests mentioned at church or from family and friends as well as what God has laid on my heart to be praying for during that day or season of life.  Right now I am using this journal. It is just one I picked up at Target. I write the date and then what I am praying for/over that day. I also write praises in my journal. I believe a big part of our time spent in prayer with God should also be spent praising Him for all He does for us and the many blessings we receive daily. I also like to note what I am grateful for in my prayer journal. I try to jot down a couple things each day and try not to repeat - from little things like grateful for coffee to big things like health and Mark & the kids. 


Our Sunday School class is trying out a new Discipleship Study Guide format this spring and so far I am a FAN! This study guide is broken into 5 daily readings over what the lesson will be the following Sunday. I feel like it really helps me to be prepared for lesson on Sunday and gain more from our Sunday School teachers and class discussion if I have already read over/studied the material beforehand. Again, this is a very short reading each day. 


Last, I end my quiet time with reading a chapter of a book. 

If you know me, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read! If I could find a job where someone paid me to read books, I would apply immediately! If you know of such a job, PLEASE share! Ha! 

Because I am always trying to find more time to read, I recently started reading a chapter during my quiet of a Christian genre book. Right now, I am reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. 

That's how I do my quiet time. What about you? I'd love to hear if you have any books/devotions/studies you recommend and how you have your daily quiet time! 

Hope you guys have THE BEST week! 


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