A DAY IN THE LIFE {4.9.18}

Today I'm sharing a Day in the Life! I don't know about you but I LOVE to read these posts! I love a sneak peek into someone's day! 

Grab your cup of coffee and get cozy! This was our Monday! 


Alarm went off at 5:00am!

That's my handsome hubby! I was missing him the other day so I changed my wallpaper! 😉


Grabbed my coffee in my FAVORITE mug! Alyssa made this one for me for Christmas this year! I did a whole post about my coffee mugs. You can read it HERE. 


I switched to this creamer for my morning coffee when I started on the FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS program. When I did my first bootcamp, one of the girls in my group told me about it. It has been a LIFESAVER! Only 10 calories per TBSP so it doesn't break my fast but tastes good. Because I still am not grown up enough to drink my coffee black. Ha! 


I grabbed my books for my quiet time. I shared about how I spend my QUIET TIME yesterday. You can read that post HERE


I checked on my blog post for the day, spent some time reading some of my favorite blogs, and then worked on my blog post for Wednesday. 

Carson and Cutter get up every morning BY THEMSELVES at 6:00am! They get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, make their lunch, brush their teeth, and are ready for the day by 6:30am. #momwin They read until time to leave for school around 7:25am. 

I said kissed them good morning but they weren't fully awake and ready for any pics! Ha! 


Around 6:45am, I went to get dressed to take kiddos to school. I ALWAYS watch a show while I get ready. Friends is one that is on repeat most of the time! 


Two sweet boys ready for school!

(Conner was just waking up. He leaves the house for school while I'm gone to take Carson and Cutter. Again, no early morning pics!)


Dropping off at school! 

On this particular day, I wasn't scheduled in the office and didn't have any showing appointments so I headed back home. 

I switched a load of laundry.


Made a 2nd cup of coffee.


And then sat down to sort through and answer emails. I record Good Morning America every day and so I turned it on to listen to the news headlines as I worked. 


At 9:00am I stopped so I could get in my workout. I'm doing the FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS program and so Monday was a HIIT workout on the schedule. 

I grabbed my mat and turned on The Real Housewives of New York. #realitytvjunkie


HIIT workouts are HARD!


This is me afterwards trying to motivate myself to get up off the floor! Ha! 

9:45am - I showered and got dressed. Mondays call for yoga pants.


Switched another load of laundry.


And then went into my office to work.


Yes, Friends is on again while I work. :) 

I worked on paperwork, contracts, and some marketing. I had a new home coming on the market so I set that all up and then touched based with some of my clients. 

At 12:00pm, I took a break to eat lunch. 


Chef salad for low carb day!

I also read for a few minutes while I ate. 


At 12:30pm, another load of laundry was ready to be folded.


Laundry switched and started and so I went back to work.


A few more phone calls with clients, set up showing appointments, and worked on more marketing. 


I'm not sure why this picture is so blurry?! 

It was only 40s outside so I went and grabbed a sweatshirt and another cup of coffee to warm up! 


2:20pm - MORE laundry! 

I usually do 2-3 loads of laundry every day to stay on top of it. With 3 boys and Mark who wear multiple outfits a day with work, school, athletics, baseball games, etc., I would DROWN in laundry if I didn't do it every day! However, my Sunday this week was very busy and I wasn't home to do any laundry. Thus, LOTS to do on this Monday! 

At 2:35pm, I left the house and headed to pick up my grocery order. 


I would usually just grab one water bottle to take with me to run errands and pick up the boys from school. But when it's grocery day, you start drinking the kids' water bottles and have to take two! Ha! 


Groceries loaded and I headed to get in the school pick up line. 


Snuck in a few more minutes reading waiting for school to get out!


I just love these two! 😊

They snacked on some popcorn while I worked on putting away groceries and prepping some strawberries for their lunches for the rest of the week. 


Laundry. Sigh.


I finished putting away the towels and Mark walked in the door at 4:00pm! We are always excited to see Daddy home early!

Mark and I decided to get in a quick run outside! 


It had warmed up to the mid 50s and was PERFECT running weather! 

At 5:00pm, Mark took Cutter to the Abilene Public Library. We cannot keep that kiddo in books! While they were gone, Carson played upstairs and I worked some more in my office. 

At 6:00pm, we started dinner. 

Mark grilled pork chops outside and I steamed veggies inside. 


Cutter played catch with Mark, practiced his pitching, and then relaxed on the swing for a few minutes. 



The boys were all acting silly at dinner and so I Facetimed Alyssa. When surrounded by silly boys, I need my girl! 



Cutter is trying to look innocent! He had just been dancing! 

We cleaned up dishes, all 3 boys had showers, and Mark went to work outside for a bit. 

And I started another load of laundry....it NEVER ENDS! 


The two younger boys read for a little bit while I took a shower.


All clean and of course, some Friends! 😂

These cute boys were ready to be tucked in!


Cutter is my lazy kid who doesn't want to have to make his bed every morning. (which is the rule at our house) So, Cutter sleeps on top of his comforter with his blanket. 


He's too cute for his own good!


Carson is the opposite and gets all snuggled in under the covers and has to have his blanket all the way up to his chin. He gets it from his Momma! 


Look, it's Conner! He was already hungry again. Ha!

And I realized this is the only picture I have of Conner from Monday. When they are 16, they aren't home much. 

I went through the little Cs papers from their school folders. 


I was so impressed with Carson's artwork!

We don't usually buy spring pictures at school. We buy the Fall pictures each year as well as a yearbook for each kid. Carson told me his spring pictures were so good I wouldn't be able to pass them up! 


He does look very handsome! And grown up! 

I did a few odd and end things around the house and cleaned up a bit. 

At 9:30pm I started working on this post. Finished it up, read for a few more minutes in bed, and then lights out at 11:15pm. 

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our daily life! Our kids have STAAR testing this week therefore we didn't have any baseball games or practices Monday evening. It was nice to have a night at home! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!