Hey friends! It's Book Review Day! 


This is me! 


All you bookworms are right there with me! 

I've got THREE new books to share with you! 


The first book I read this month was If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins. This is my first book to read by Kristan Higgins and I was so excited about starting it! And it did NOT disappoint! This is a total chick lit, read by the pool or on the beach this summer book. The story is about two sisters. One sister moves from New York to the suburbs after going through a divorce. She is a wedding dress designer and opens a new store hoping to start over. However, her ex and his new wife make that difficult as they seem to still be around all the time. The other sister is a stay-at-home mom to triplet daughters. She goes through some trying times in her marriage. I loved the characters and really didn't want the book to end. I wanted to keep up with these girls! This book was super cute and a great way to start off my month! 



The next book I read was What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan. This book sucked me right in from the beginning! The title gets in your head because the whole time you are trying to figure out who the "she" is and what did she know?!  Ha! The story is about a mom's son who goes missing while on a walk in a park. The blame game begins along with following the investigation to find out what happened to this little boy. Let me tell you, I kept my kids a little closer while reading this one. There are some raw emotions in this book that will get you thinking. Such a good book! I highly recommend this one to add to your list! 



My last book to share with you today is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. Now, I didn't actually "read" this book. Instead, I tried out Audible and listened to this book while I was running, doing laundry, waiting in school pick up line, wherever I had a few minutes! I was very hesitant to try an audiobook because I am the nerd who seriously LOVES to hold a book, turn the pages, see how much longer until the end of a chapter....love a book! However, Amanda at That Inspired Chick is always raving about Audible so I decided to give it a try! Friends, I LOVED IT! Loved the book and loved listening to it! It actually made me look forward to my run! 😉

I had never heard of Rachel Hollis but I really want to be her friend. She's the type of girlfriend you need around to speak truth and share wisdom. Rachel is a wife, mom, blogger, Christian who is just flat out FUNNY! She is relatable and shares about life and loss and everything in between. She is raw and honest and I was so uplifted by her book! She is encouraging and writes directly to us women! Girls, read this book! You will have a new perspective on loving yourself and living life! 

And if you haven't tried Audible, give it a chance. I still much prefer to actually read a book but I'll definitely have one book ready to listen to as well! 

Have a great Tuesday, friends!!