Hey there, Friday! So glad to see you! 

We are in full end of the year mode around here as I am sure many of you are as well! We can see summer coming and WE ARE READY! 

As always, I'm linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA for Friday Favorites!


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First, my ABSOLUTE favorite for this week....


My surprise visit from Alyssa for Mother's Day! 

I shared about Mother's Day and our weekend on Monday. You can read that post HERE.


On Monday night, we attended a Basketball Banquet for Conner. 

Conner is ALL basketball. This kid lives and breathes for the game. He is already talking about and working towards a college basketball scholarship. He has high goals! 

They announced each player and then presented a few awards.

Conner was awarded the Defensive MVP!


So proud of this kid! 


P.S. Conner is trying so hard to be taller than Mark. Ha! 😉

A few weeks ago I shared my love for Nikki's coffee! It is a locally owned coffee and froyo and now that we moved farther south Abilene, I pass by it every day. Now, Mark may tell you this is a problem (bc I tend to go every day!) but I am so excited about it! I am all about supporting small businesses - we have to stick together-but honestly their coffee is AH-MAZING!

I grabbed coffee on the way to a meeting on Wednesday and tried something new - a coconut latte. Friends, it was THE BEST.



And several of you messaged me after my last post asking for an iced coffee recommendation.

Here it is!


Double shot on ice!

My friend, Allie, got me hooked on these. #lifechanging


Another FAVORITE this week - painted rocks!



Carson went on a camping trip with our church a few weeks ago and he brought home rocks he had found and painted. 

He was so proud of them and they are currently in our front flowerbed. 😊



Cutter has been working on a project for school where they had to create their own city. They had to name the city, come up with rules, explain how the city receives resources, etc. 

On Thursday, they presented their final projects to parents. 



Cutter named his city Small Bug. 


He did a power point presentation for us explaining all about Small Bug!


My favorite part were his holidays! 

National Birthday Day is a day where everyone in the city celebrates their birthdays together. One big party! And it happens to be on April 23rd - Cutter's birthday! He loves birthdays as much as his Mama! 

He also declared a National Running Day because this kid seriously LOVES to run. #thatisnotfromhismama 



Froyo after school with these cuties is always a FAVORITE! 

They are growing up so fast! 


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Who is excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow???

I'll be up early to watch! 

The Royal Family is always a FAVORITE! 


Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!

See you back here Monday!