Happy Tuesday, Friends!

We spent the weekend in East Tawakoni visiting my Mom! 

She recently semi-retired this spring and moved to her lake house permanently. She has a beautifully remodeled house on the lake that is now one of my very favorite places! We loaded up the boys on Friday afternoon and headed out to the lake for some fun! Unfortunately, Alyssa needed to stay in Waco and couldn't meet up with us this time. We sure missed her! 



Saturday morning these two were up and ready to fish! We went to the bait shop after breakfast and grabbed some nightcrawlers and minnows. Carson kept putting his hand on the bottom of the minnow bag and would giggle feeling the minnows swimming around. 



We fished for a couple hours before lunch but didn't have much luck!


After lunch, we played some cards. We are all BIG Canasta fans! If you haven't played before, look up the rules online. There are lots of variations. You'll love it! 

It was very hot this weekend so we decided to get out in the kayaks. 


Mom and I had so much fun!


I love being out on the lake!



Carson and Conner decided to give it a try! 


They did great although Conner went overboard at one point! Ha! 



Conner challenged Granny Pat to a race although I think he got a head start! 



We did some more fishing before dinner and better luck this time!
Carson caught a catfish!



And several perch! He was having the time of his life! #mylittlefisherman 

We ended the evening with smores after dinner!
Sadly, my pictures didn't turn out since it was so dark outside. 


Up at 6:30am Sunday morning determined to catch a fish. 



And it paid off! Only a perch but I'll take it! Ha! 
I have the most fun watching the boys fish and get excited when they get a bite on their line or catch one. 😉



Conner finally got one too! (I think mine was bigger!)


Another LARGER catfish for Carson!



Carson caught one fish after another! 



Mark finally got one! (Can you see it?!)
He didn't fish as much because he was constantly baiting all of our hooks! 

A weekend full of fishing, kayaking, cards, and family was just what we needed! 

Have a great week!