East Coast Adventures Part 1

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today I am sharing about our East Coast Adventure trip!

I haven’t had a chance to blog about some of our trips over the summer so I’m doing some catching up because I definitely want to be able to look back on these trips!

In August, Mark and I went with his sister, Karen, and her husband, Shannon, to the east coast. We had all travelled together back in February and due to an unexpected last minute cancellation of a flight, we had free vouchers for a future flight. We decided in May that we hadn’t been to the east coast and there were flights into Philadelphia and so we planned our trip from there!

Originally, we were scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia around 2:00pm on Tuesday. However, we had to change flights. Long story short - we ended up catching a 5:00am flight and arrived in Philadelphia (after only 1 1/2 hrs of sleep!) around 9:30am. This meant we had more time in the city than we had planned so we took FULL advantage and spent the day in Philly!


We loaded up in our rental car and headed out to explore the city!


First stop, was the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Do those steps look familiar?!


It’s where they filmed the famous Rocky scene!

Everyone was taking pics with the statue but we decided the line was too long. Mark snapped this pic before the next person walked up. Ha!


We each took turns filming each other running up ALL the steps! #wearetruetourists


Even the girls made it!
My eyes are closed…sigh.


We explored the park across the street for a few minutes.


We saw this beautiful church and decided to take a closer look.


It was stunning! Truly breathtaking.
And on the cutest little street!


Next, we headed downtown!

And let me tell you, it DID NOT disappoint!


We stumbled upon the VERY FIRST Post Office!

For those of you who don’t know, Mark is the Postmaster of a small town, Stamford, TX, that is about 40 miles from where we live. His father is retired from the Post Office and so this was extra special for him to experience!


It was the cutest little building and still had the original hardwood floors!


We went to a shop a few doors down and purchased postcards to send to the kids! Mail from the Ben Franklin Post Office was a hit back home!


When in Philadelphia, you must eat a Philly Cheesesteak! We popped into Sonny’s for lunch and it was delicious! *Please note it started raining on us when reenacting our Rocky so that’s my post rained on look! Ha!


We came across Betty Ross’ house!


So much history packed into just a few blocks!


We walked by this wall and Karen added our answer to “How Will You Change This World?” - Love thy neighbor!


We toured the Declaration House where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.


We were able to see the rooms where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence. They are recreated to show what they may have looked like at the time.


Next, we set out to find Ben Franklin’s grave.


His grave is in an old cemetery downtown.
People throw pennies on the grave and make a wish.


It started POURING down rain and so we waited it out for a while in the subway. This is us once again soaked!


We finished our day in Philly with the Liberty Bell!

We absolutely LOVED our time in Philadelphia! We were able to do so much more than we originally planned and it ended up being one of our favorite days of the trip!

We piled our wet selves back into our rental car and drove 1 1/2 hours to Atlantic City, NJ!

IMG_3741 2.jpg

We checked into our hotel, changed into dry clothes, and headed to check out The Boardwalk!

IMG_3748 2.jpg

We took in the sights, ate a delicious Italian dinner, and then called it a night!

Remember, we had an hour and a half of sleep before catching a 5:00am flight. We were exhausted!

Come back tomorrow for What’s Up Wednesday and then Part 2 of our East Coast Adventure on Thursday’s blog post!