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Friday morning a sweet friend sent me a video of Conner at his school pep rally. She wrote
"Fitting right in!" 

Conner started a new school this year as a Junior and this was his first week of school. I have prayed for him this week as I know how hard it is to make new friends, have new teachers, classes, and a new campus. Her text MADE MY DAY! 



I spent Friday afternoon doing a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and adding a little Fall decor around the house.



Saturday morning Cutter ran some errands with me. Man, I love this kid! 



On the way home, we grabbed his cousin, Corban, to come play for the afternoon. Soccer, football, and Fortnite for the win! #cousinsmakethebestfriends



Sunday we attended church, Mark and I did TONS of yard work, and we ended our day snuggled up to watch Big Brother! 



Monday we went to the Public Library to stock Cutter up on books. He wants to be a TWO million word reader this year! #bringontheARpoints



Carson is in Middle School this year so he doesn't have the Million Word Reader competition or the A.R. contests anymore. However, he was excited to get new books as well. This makes me SO HAPPY! Please always love to read! 



Mark and I ordered this Bible Study. We did The Love Dare over the summer and have been looking for a new one to start together. Hoping this one is good!



We ended dinner Monday night with a push up contest. 

This is my life. My only girl is in college and I now live with 4 boys. My house is like a locker room, friends...



Cherry Crunch with ice cream to end our long weekend! 

Happy Monday, friends!