Happy Friday, friends! 

Our 2nd week of school is in the books! And let me just say that I was ON TOP of my dinner game this week! Made a meal plan for the week and wait for it....stuck to it!! Woohoo! That's a HUGE win! It seems like something always comes up where I forget to thaw out meat or don't make it to the grocery store....but not this week! (Insert fist bump!)

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As always, I'm teaming up with ERIKA, ANDREA, and NARCI for FRIDAY FAVORITES!


Friday Favorites 2018.jpg

I am LOVING the rainy weather and cooler temps this week! Friends, it feels like FALL here and that makes my heart SO HAPPY! 

I snapped this pic which has basically been my "uniform" this week. Is there anything better than sweatshirt and shorts weather?! 



Speaking of Fall, I started sprinkling a few Fall decor touches around the house. I love my pumpkin with lights. It adds a touch of cozy to our entryway. :)


Fall candles are always a FAVORITE! I have a few of the Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin that smell SO GOOD! I even bought a small one for my office!



A little Fall decor for the kitchen table too! 


Last week, I posted on Instagram and asked for suggestions on a new texturing spray. My hair is super baby fine so it needs all the help it can get in the volume department. A couple friends suggested this Not Your Mother's brand. 


I bought it to try as well as their dry shampoo. Let me tell you, this stuff smells FANTASTIC! #givemeallthetoastedcoconut

So far, I'm really pleased with both products. If you have another suggestion, please leave me a comment! I'd love to have more recommendations!

We have our first soccer and football games this weekend for Cutter and he is PUMPED! Carson is attending his first school dance. WHAT?! The Middle School is having a Back To School dance Saturday night and Carson is excited to go with his friends. I still cannot believe he is in 6th grade. If you are new here, we have 4 kids. A girl and 3 boys and this year we have 4 schools! Alyssa is a Senior in college in Waco, TX - Conner is a Junior in High School - Carson is in 6th grade in Middle School - Cutter is in 4th grade at the Elementary. Yep. We have them all covered! 😉

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Have a great weekend!