It’s Friday!
Gosh, I’m excited for the weekend to be here! I’m ready to spend some time with my people and eat all the Super Bowl snacks! I’m still working on my list so if you have a favorite snack I should make, let me know!

Friday Favorites 2018.jpg

As always, I’m linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA for Friday Favorites!

But first (did you just read that as though Julie Chen said it?! Ha!), on Tuesday I shared a re-introduction for those of you who are new around here. You can get to know me and our family HERE.

And you can read about what we’ve been up to this month in my What’s Up Wednesday post HERE.

Now for a few FAVORITES for the week!


I received some upsetting news on Tuesday that frankly had me a little down. Mark showed up that afternoon with my favorite drink and this beautiful rose. It made my day! He put a smile on my face and I’ve enjoyed this sweet reminder of encouragement this week! Friends, encourage one another - your spouse, your kids, your friend, your sibling, a co-worker, a stranger - we all need it!


Cleaning windows is not a favorite. However, having a husband who goes to work with you and helps clean windows to be ready for an Open House is definitely a FAVORITE!


Facetiming with our college girl is ALWAYS a FAVORITE! Alyssa had a room reserved at school to study (for 5 hours!) and took a break to say hi. :) Miss her every single day!


I have shared my love for these new Ugg moccasins approximately 237,453 times on Instagram since Christmas. Seriously, one of my FAVORITE gifts. They are so comfortable and warm. I wear them every chance I get!

IMG_6575 2.jpg

Conner’s team played in a big cross time rival basketball game last Friday night. Conner’s team got the win but it was such a fun atmosphere in that gym. And seeing so many of Conner’s friends from his old school was a huge FAVORITE this week!
*That’s Conner on the far left. 😉


We have the sweetest friends who come to Conner’s games to cheer for him. They have a BRAND NEW baby who is the most precious thing you’ve ever seen. Carson is crazy about babies like his momma and was so excited to love on baby Asher.


Sweet friends and a baby boy are FAVORITES!
P.S. Carson is going to be the best Daddy someday. He is so much like Mark. They both absolutely ADORE kids!

That’s a wrap for this week!
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Have a great weekend!
Don’t forget to share your Super Bowl snack ideas!