Happy Monday, friends!

I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that to start your week. 😉


It turned crazy cold again here this weekend. Well, not as cold as up north, but 20s is COLD to Texans! Cutter and Carson have had some extra electronics time this weekend since they haven’t been able to get outside very much. They love their new headsets they got for Christmas and being able to talk/play against friends!


Carson told me their new video chairs are so comfortable! They each have one for the playroom and now he wants for his bedroom too!


We treated the boys to dessert after dinner one night and no one can just smile! Ha!


Love these crazy fun boys!


Last Saturday, Mark and I realized we didn’t have basketball games until 11:00am which meant we had a little free time that morning. We got up early to hit the Buffalo Gap Flea Market. We haven’t been in years and thought it would be fun to check it out. This is us SO excited to explore!
We got there at 8:00am and thought it odd we got such a great parking spot. Yay us! Then we started walking around and realized it was all food. Lots of RVs and everyone was starting up their grills. Yet, we saw NO booths or bounce houses, etc. Then we realized it was a COOK OFF! Haha! It started at 11:00am and was a fundraiser for the volunteer fire department. No wonder no one else was there! I’m sure those vendors were laughing at us walking around with coffee in hand checking things out! We later remembered the flea market is the 3rd weekend of every month. #oops


We have traveled some serious miles watching Conner play basketball this year. SEVENTEEN out-of-town games so far! We took two trips to Wichita Falls this past week and this was Cutter Friday night. Little brother was exhausted!


Carson and Cutter received Drawing Light Boards for Christmas. You place a picture you want to trace with a blank piece of white paper on top and you can easily see to trace the photo.


Carson chose dragons from How To Train Your Dragon. He’s getting excited for the 3rd movie to be released next week!

IMG_6736 2.jpeg

Cutter asked me to find Conner’s basketball picture. He wanted to trace and color a picture of his older brother. My Momma heart almost burst!


Cutter had Pajama Day at school last week and he was PUMPED!


It took approximately 473 tries to get a normal photo. This kid is just pure fun right now!


I want to be as happy and have as much energy as Cutter Ferry on this Monday!

Hoping you are full of JOY this morning and are ready to tackle your week!

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