Hey there, Friday! It’s good to see ya!

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This week FLEW by!
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Here are a few FAVORITES from our week!


On Tuesday, we traveled to Gail, TX for Conner’s basketball playoff game. His team played hard but lost by 8 points ending their season. Such a tough loss but we are so proud of our #44! He carries himself well on and off the court and he has been blessed by friendships on this team. We are sad to see this season end but excited for next year! Watching Conner play his passion is always a FAVORITE!


Speaking of basketball, Cutter finished his season on Tuesday as well and came in 1st place!
Mark and I were out of town at Conner’s game so Grandad took Cutter and sent us updates. That makes Grandad a FAVORITE this week too! Thank you!!


Carson played his last game Thursday night and took 2nd place! I can’t believe next year he’ll be playing in middle school. We have loved cheering on our Carson Michael!


Cutter had an assignment at school to write about someone special to them in their family. He chose his cousin, Corban. (Insert my heart melting!)


The bond between Cutter and Corban is just the sweetest!


Cousins really do make the BEST friends!


These shoes were a favorite when I bought them this Fall. I needed a good closed toed black dress shoe. However, after only wearing them a few times, the bottom of the heel broke on one of the shoes. I kept them in my closet because I didn’t have the heart to throw them away. I loved them so much. Fast forward several months and I had forgotten about them. However, Mark did not! :) For Valentine’s Day, he took them and had the heel repaired. Friends, his thoughtfulness was a FAVORITE this week! He brought them home yesterday and I still can’t believe he thought to have them fixed for me. So sweet!


This polish has been a FAVORITE too! I have spring on the brain and this Blush Against The World is the perfect subtle pink!


Random pictures texted from my 17-year-old is a FAVORITE always!
Conner and Austin - those two crack me up!
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Have a great weekend!