Happy Monday, Everyone!

Hope you had the BEST weekend! We had a very slow lazy weekend which was exactly what we needed! We finished up basketball season with all three boys last week so we enjoyed a sport free weekend before more chaos begins. Soccer and baseball season start this week so it was short lived but absolutely wonderful!


We had the perfect Saturday. I spent the morning snuggled on the couch reading.


While Cutter and Mark played Monopoly! Cutter’s favorite game - except that Daddy won!


It was insanely windy so we stayed inside most of the day except to make a coffee run! Mark knows the way to my heart! 😉

Cutter and Carson played that afternoon while Conner hung out with friends and Mark and I watched Kentucky basketball. Kentucky BEAT Auburn! #hugeUKfanshere

I also snuck in reading a few more chapters of It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way by Lysa Terkeurst.


I can’t stop talking about this book! It’s THAT good! I sent this photo to a friend and told her for the 100th time that she needs to catch up and keep reading! We agreed when we finished the book, we would talk about it and she’s not really a reader. She’s hanging in there with me! It is such good stuff! So much truth I needed to hear this weekend! #keepreadingchristy #youcandoit

That night, we grabbed some dinner and took it over to Mark’s parents so we could eat and visit with them. His sweet mom had shoulder surgery and is still recovering. That means Grandad is on extra duties around the house so we thought taking care of dinner might be one less thing for him.


After church Sunday morning (no pic because I forgot!), Cutter and I played a game of Trouble. He won!


Meanwhile, Mark took Carson to baseball tryouts.


Due to weather earlier in the week, they had to reschedule his tryouts to Sunday afternoon. Remember, I said baseball season is here! First practices are tonight!


I made myself a latte and tackled some work on the computer. Worked on this blog post as well as worked on some real estate contracts that came in that afternoon. I am very blessed to do something I love!


We played another board game with the little Cs. This time they chose Beat the Parents. In this game, the kids ask the parents questions and the parents ask the kids questions. Each time you answer correctly, you move your game piece forward one space. The team that reaches the other side of the board first, wins.


Every time we play there is a memory made of a question. Alyssa and Conner, if you’re reading, remember Denmarkans?! Ha!

This was the question of the night: In the old days, why did women wear a bustle? to make their butts look bigger
You can imagine the laughter from our 9 year old and 12 year old boys! #nomomdoesntwearone #thankyouforasking

As I’m typing this, I realize there wasn’t much to share from our weekend. It really was slow and laid back. But it’s also just the kind of weekends I want to remember!


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