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But first, what did you think about the Super Bowl? Did your team win?
More importantly, did you eat all the snacks?! We ate Andrea’s Pulled Pork on Hawaiian rolls with all the chips and dip! #quesocoma
We’ll be eating leftovers all week!

Ok, are you ready for it??


It’s BOOK REVIEW day!!
These are absolutely my favorite posts to read and also my favorites to share with all of you!

I was hoping to finish one more book over the weekend but it didn’t happen. So I’m sharing 5 books with you today and I’ll save that one for next month!

First up, Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs. This book has been on my “to read” bookshelf for some time. I picked it up to read during my morning quiet time. I usually read one chapter of a book in the mornings after my bible study. I read one chapter and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went back and read another chapter later that day. It had me intrigued. I ended up finishing the whole book in two days! 

This book is all about being brave - how we are all called to be brave in life whether we want to be or not. Annie shares her real life experiences as a single woman and her journey to being brave. It is honest and raw and you’ll find many of her stories humorous. Annie challenges us to live boldly without fear.

There have been many times in my life where I didn’t make the brave choice. I chose comfort. I chose to stay where I was and with what I was doing because it was the safe choice.

Other times I have been brave and taken a leap of faith such as switching professions. I was terrified to leave teaching but knew God was opening a bigger door/opportunity to go into real estate. I was sick to my stomach making that decision but God has blessed our family immensely.

And if I am being honest, starting this blog was a brave choice that still seems scary at times. I worried a lot about what others would think. However, you guys have blessed me! This community has been such an encouragement to me and I am grateful for each of you!

This book will inspire you, challenge you, and hopefully encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and follow whatever God is calling you to do. Let’s all be brave together!

Next, I read One Day in December by Josie Silver and I really liked it!!!

I felt like everyone was reading and recommending this book. And friends, they were right!

It’s about a girl who looks out the window of a bus one day in December and makes eye contact with a guy who she is immediately drawn to in a way she’s never felt before. It chronicles their life over the next ten years. Their paths cross but in ways you wouldn’t expect. The main character is absolutely adorable! She’s funny and quirky and a character you’ll fall in love with! This one is an easy read. If you are looking for a good chic-lit book, this is it!

So I am a little behind in reading this next series. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan is the first book of a three book series. The movie came out last year and many of you may have seen it. I waited to see the movie until I had finished the book.

To be honest, this book was a little slow for me. I had a hard time getting invested in the characters and following what was going on at first. I struggled to keep the characters straight and really get an image of them in my head. Do you guys do that? Immediately try to picture what a character looks like so you have a mental image…or is that just me?

It is a fictional tale about a girl who leaves her home in NYC to visit her boyfriend’s family in Singapore to attend a wedding. What she didn’t know is that his family is crazy rich! A hysterical sequence of events occurs and you won’t stop laughing! I would say this one is a little chic-lit but great for those of you who want a little more “meat” to your reading. Lots of culture in this one that will make you want to book your trip to Singapore stat!

Now, my question to you guys is that if you have read the remaining 2 books in the series, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, what are your thoughts? Should I hurry and read those next? Did you love them just as much as the first one? Comment and let me know!

Last spring, I read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I LOVED that book and became a HUGE Rachel Hollis fan! You can read my book review HERE if you missed it.

Rachel wrote a fictional series of books and since I loved her writing, I picked up the first book, Party Girl.

Friends, these characters are just precious! The book is loosely based on Rachel’s real life experiences as a wedding and event planner in Hollywood. Landon Brinkley leaves her home in a small town in Texas to head to Los Angeles. At first, the glamour of the lavish weddings and birthday parties made it worth working the crazy long hours at work. However, after a while, she finds herself having to choose between doing whatever it takes to get the job done or staying true to herself. Light, sweet, fun, easy read. Party Girl was just what I needed to read in the school car pick up line every afternoon!

I finished this month with Swear on this Life by Renee Carlino. This book was so well written. I found myself really invested in the characters. I will say this book is a little R-rated at times. However, I thought it was well placed in the story bringing depth to the storyline and not just thrown in for the shock value. It does go back and forth between present time and the main character reading a book but I thought the author did an excellent job of making the book flow. It’s a love story that tackles some tough issues of alcoholism, abuse, and growing up in foster care. It was the perfect book to end January!

Ok, what should I read next? I’d love some suggestions from you guys!

Happy Monday, friends!


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