Hey there, Tuesday!

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I’m linking up with Ashley and Erika for their monthly Tuesday Talk post! Once a month, we talk about anything and everything and just “chat”.

Today, let’s talk about meal planning during busy seasons. I don’t know about you, but there are certain times of the year when my meal planning and cooking dinner is STRONG. I’m cooking 4-5 nights a week, we’re grilling out, we have all the veggies, and trying out new recipes. On the other hand, there are our busy seasons of life - for us that’s mostly basketball and baseball season. Right now, Carson and Cutter are both playing baseball which means we play Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Add church on Wednesday nights and it’s a meal planning nightmare! Most nights we leave the house around 5:00pm and return either at 8:00pm or 10:00pm depending on the times of their games. And whichever one of them has a game that night, the other has baseball practice. (or Cutter also has soccer!)

We have a lot of “Choose Your Own Adventure” nights where the kids fend for themselves. We try to keep frozen options such as corn dogs, chicken nuggets, chicken fried steak, pizza rolls, bagel bites, chicken pot pies, etc. on hand for those nights. The boys pack sandwiches for lunch every day so I know they’d prefer something different for dinner. Because of the crazy schedules, we all eat at different times and I’m not always home to grab something out of the crockpot. So, please HELP!

What ideas do you have for things we can pack on the go and take with us to eat at games/practice or in transition to places? What are your other go-to quick meals? This Momma needs ideas!

Happy Tuesday, friends!