Happy Monday, friends!
Well we had an exciting and full weekend. We had our first tornado in Abilene, Tx. I have lived here almost all my life - 40 years! That’s a long time! We have storms and warnings and I have spent many times in the hallway with pillows (thanks, Mom!) and every time the storms passed with just wind, rain, and maybe some hail but never anything too exciting. Until Saturday.

I’ll share more on that but first, let’s talk Track Meet!


On Friday, our Elementary school held a Track Meet for the 3rd-5th graders. They bused the kids over the high school for the day and Cutter was so excited about participating! Because the actual track and football field are under construction at the moment, this year they changed it up a bit and ran just one competitive run for each grade level in the field by the track and then held the field events at the stadium.

The kids could choose between running the Fun Run or the Competitive Run, both were a half mile run. Cutter chose the Competitive Run because, well, he’s just like his dad. Ha! Very competitive!


Cutter ended up placing 5th for the 4th grade boys!


My nephew Corban (on the left) placed 2nd so he and Cutter both made top 5!


Cutter chose the Softball Throw and Long Jump as his two field events.


Cutter placed 2nd in the Softball Throw!


They put the kids in groups of 4 or 5 for the Long Jump.


They were allowed two jumps each.


Cutter placed 1st in the Long Jump! All the 1st place winners for their groups!

It was such a fun day and we had gorgeous weather for it!


After the Track Meet, we picked up Carson from school and then headed to church. Carson went with the Middle School Choir on a choir trip to San Antonio.


We loaded them up, prayed over them, and saw them off!
Can you spot Carson in his blue KY shirt? That’s me next to him in the cap looking windblown and sunkissed from the Track Meet! Ha! And yes, Carson is now taller than me at age 12. Sigh.


I left the church and met Mark at the baseball fields to watch Cutter play. He had to finish one inning of a game that had ended in a tie earlier in the season and then played their regularly scheduled game for that night. His team won both games!

That was our long but fun Friday!

Saturday morning Mark and I woke to our phones going off with an emergency alert at 5:45am that we were under a Tornado Warning. We watched the news, checked the radar, and determined we were not in the path and therefore didn’t wake the kids. However, an EF-2 tornado did hit on the west side of Abilene just a few blocks away from our church. At about 10:30am, the storms had passed and we had checked on everyone we knew that lived in the area, including my brother, and all were safe and had suffered no damage. So we took Cutter to a friend’s house to play and Mark, Conner, and I headed that way to help.

The City ended up using one of our church parking lots at their staging area for emergency personnel and volunteers. We opened our gym and had so many people from the community start showing up bringing cases of water, sandwiches, food, etc. The Red Cross brought necessities to be used and passed out as well. We helped unload supplies and then Mark and Conner went to help on the streets and help clear debris at the house of a church member. I stayed at the gym with other church members and ministers to hand out food to the police officers, volunteers, and families affected. What a humbling experience to visit with these families who many had lost much and some have no homeowners insurance. There are many affected however it could have been so much worse. As I type this, the news has only reported one person taken to the hospital and no fatalities. Praise God! Please be in prayer over these families in the coming weeks. And join us in praising God for His protection over His people. Praying that if someone doesn’t know Jesus as their personal Savior, that this will bring God glory and bring them to know Him.

Here are a few pictures of the damage…


(Abilene Drone)


There were several streets blocked off so the utility crews could try to restore power and gas to the area. Several streets you had to park and then walk a ways to be able to reach the people in need.

Praying over all the first responders and volunteers who helped this weekend as well. HUNDREDS of people came out to help their neighbors. What a blessing to witness people being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Meanwhile in San Antonio…


Carson was busy serving with the choir by picking TONS of cabbage for the local food bank!
They spent their morning picking and loading cabbage and then spent their afternoon at Sea World. Carson had never been and he had a BLAST!

Sunday morning the choir sang in two services at Crossroads Baptist Church in San Antonio, then made the 4 hour drive back to Abilene.


They arrived around 5:00pm, unloaded, and then were ready for their 3rd performance of the day! They shared at our church at the 6:00pm service. (Carson is directly to the right of the choir director.)


This was Cutter…exactly how we all felt! Ha!

Conner headed to a Senior party for some friends about to graduate.
Mark and I headed home with Cutter and Carson. We ate dinner, got them showered and ready for bed, Mark and I snuck in a quick run, and then we were all ready to call it a night!

I hope you have THE BEST Monday! It’s our last one before summer!!

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