Hello Friends and Happy Monday!

It has been a quite a while since I blogged. I had been catching up and sharing about some of our summer trips in early October when we received a call that Mark’s sweet grandmother had gone to be with Jesus. It was unexpected and within less than 24 hours, Mark and I were headed to Kentucky. I’ll share more about his precious grandmother later this week.

All that to say, I came home and had to play some catch up with my business and clients after being gone almost a week. We were in the middle of finishing up soccer and football seasons and starting basketball with the boys and my days have just been crazy busy. I’m thankful for a husband who today has insisted I take some time for myself and get back to blogging. (I love you, Mark Ferry!) I have missed my blogging friends and just sharing about what’s going on in our corner of the world! So, welcome back! I’m excited to see everyone again!

Grab your cup of coffee and get cozy! I have a TON to share with you about our life lately!


Cutter Maddux, my little reader! If he isn’t playing a sport, you’ll find us at the library trying to keep this kiddo in books. He LOVES to read which makes his Mom and Dad SO happy! In fact, we are struggling to find some more series of books for him. If you know a good series or author for a 4th grader, please share!


Cutter had perfect attendance for the first six weeks of school and his name was drawn to win this super cute frog! He was PUMPED!


Cutter finished up his first flag football season in October. His team won 2nd Place!!


This picture makes my heart so happy! Cutter was able to play on the same team as his cousin, Corban. They are best little friends and had THE BEST time this season!


This guy had a birthday on October 25th and we celebrated BIG! He was able to get away from work early and we hit the movies (Mark’s favorite place to be!) while the kids were at school.


I won’t say anything about how old he is but I will point out how HANDSOME he looks for 45!


We attended a Michael Jackson concert that night! Ha!


We had fun singing along!


Our Middle School has pep rallies for the 7th & 8th grade football teams on Thursdays and they have a theme for each pep rally where the students can dress up and participate. This week’s theme was “Super Heroes”. Carson dressed up as Batman and his friends LOVED it! He had a lot of fun dressing up this year! I still can’t believe he’s old enough to be in middle school!


Halloween this year was cold and rainy. We started our night off with a visit to Mark’s grandmother. Cutter was a ninja and Carson wanted to wear a blue morph suit. (I think he wanted to be like his big brother! Conner wore one last year!)


Thankfully, the rain let up for a little bit and we were able to get in some trick or treating with cousins. They had a blast! (What happened to Cutter’s other eye?! Ha!)


Cutter also finished up his soccer season in the past few weeks.


November soccer is COLD! I was bundled up like a burrito and with MANY layers to make it through the soccer tournament.


His team were the tournament CHAMPIONS!


I love this kid so much! He has worked really hard and his team has come so far in learning soccer and their roles on the field. We love our Legends family!


He also placed 1st for the Fall season! We missed the game where they received their trophies because Mark and I had headed to Arlington to watch Conner’s first varsity basketball game. #multiplekidprobs I snapped this pic with his trophy when we got home!


Cutter’s school had a Veteran’s Day program in honor of our Veterans. They did such a good job!


The post office was closed that Monday which meant Mark had a day off! We attended Cutter’s program then spent the day together. We went to breakfast and Christmas shopped! It was cold and we had our first snow flurries. It was THE PERFECT day!


November also meant the start of basketball season! We are a basketball loving family and this is one of our favorite times of year!!

Conner made the high school varsity team. We love cheering on our #44!


Yes, I’m the mom who takes pictures during warm-ups before the games too. Ha!


We are so excited to watch him play his passion!

That’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately!

We are SUPER excited about this week because as much as we love Thanksgiving, the holiday means our college girl is coming home!!! Mom is surrounded by boys and needs her girl!

Have a great week, friends!
See you back here tomorrow!



Hello there, Mr. Thursday. 

We have almost made it to the end of the first week of school at our house. It has been a CRAZY week! We have had Open House at the Middle School for Carson, we have a parent meeting for 4th grade for Cutter tonight, and are in full swing with soccer and football season. We didn't really ease in this year - we JUMPED! 

So, if you are in the same boat with all the craziness and need a little pick me up drink, this post is for you! 


Iced Chai Tea Latte! 

A few years ago my friend, Emily, got me hooked on chai teas. At the time, she was staying home with her two little baby girls and so I would pick up coffee and head to her house for a visit. Her order was always a Chai Tea Latte. She let me try hers and I was HOOKED! SO GOOD! 

My favorite places to get them in town is at Nikki's Coffee Shop and Big Country Coffee. If you are local, try them. You won't be disappointed. 

However, now I often make my own at home. You guys are probably way more on top of things than me but just in case you haven't seen this yummy goodness, I'm sharing it today! 



You mix this Tazo Chai Tea with either milk 



half and half. I most often mix mine with milk ( I use 2%) however for a treat I use the half and half. On this day, I had plenty of calories still allowed so I splurged and mixed mine with half and half. 

You pour equal amounts of the Chai Tea with the milk/half-n-half. I usually mix 1 cup of each. 



I use my Ninja blender single serve to mix it up and then pour over ice.



I like to make mine in the afternoon. Yesterday, I made one to take with me for school pick up. It makes a great treat while you wait! 


It's heaven in a cup! 

And it makes me SO ready for Fall, y'all! 

I saw on Instagram that Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Latte this week.  EEKS! I'm so excited! It's my all time favorite Fall drink! Hot...I can't drink an iced PSL. It just doesn't seem right. 😉



Our kiddos had the week off this year for Thanksgiving and we took FULL advantage of some much needed family time! 

These two were on their bikes as soon as they got home from school on Friday. 


It has still been in the 60s and 70s here in Texas so the weather has been perfect for playing outside. Although, I am definitely ready for it to get cooler for the holidays! (and for a change in wardrobe!) #bringonthesweaters


We went to east Texas to my Mom's lake house the weekend before Thanksgiving to celebrate with my family. 

My Mom's three sisters were there and my grandmother. That's my pretty Momma on the left!


Love my sweet Granny!

Side note: I grew up calling her "Granny". When Alyssa was little, she called my Mom, Granny Pat, and so she started calling my grandmother "Granny from far away" because we had to drive farther (4 hours) to her house. So cute and it stuck! We love our Granny from Far Away! 

We ate a big Thanksgiving lunch on Saturday with everyone. My older brother, Jeremy, my sister, Tiffani, my niece, and nephew were all there as well. We had a house full! On Sunday, we had coffee on the deck and then got in a little fishing before we headed home. 


My Mom, niece, and Carson on the dock. 


This was my view all morning. It is so beautiful and so peaceful. I just love the lake house! 


Cutter and Carson fished with me but I was the only one who caught one! 


We cleaned up and headed into Terrell for lunch with Alyssa before she headed back to Waco for a few more days of classes. 


Her brothers were excited to see her for the weekend! 


Conner played a basketball game at home on Tuesday. #loveour22 


Alyssa came home from Waco on Wednesday. LOVE having our girl home!!

We taught Carson and Cutter to play Canasta! I think we may have set a record for the longest first round EVER! #anhourandahalflater #theylovedit


We spent Thanksgiving Day at Mark's parent's house. We ate all the traditional feast of turkey and dressing, sides, and desserts and more dessert and more dessert.  Then dessert again for dinner! 


My MIL, Ruth, makes THE BEST lemon pie! Honestly, all her pies are delicious. She makes her crusts from scratch and it takes her days to bake all the pies. Pecan, pumpkin, lemon, chess, and Mark's favorite, coconut. #alittlepieceofheaven 



All the girls! 

My SIL Karen, SIL Anne, Alyssa, me, and my MIL, Ruth. Isn't she the cutest?! I am THANKFUL to be a part of this family. We have a lot of fun together! 

Hope your Thanksgiving break was full of food, laughter, and love as well!


Weekend Wrap-Up


If you need me this morning, you'll find me at Starbucks. 

With lots of COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE! (Can you hear Lorelai saying this to Luke?) #gilmoregirlsfansgotme

On Friday, I started not feeling well. Allergies have been getting the best of me lately and I try to stay on top of them this time of year. However, with this crazy Texas weather going from hot to cold to hot to rainy to body doesn't know how to respond. I think it is finally telling me ENOUGH and that I needed to rest. 

So this was my view Friday night.


I worked from the couch and watched a few Fall Hallmark movies I had recorded. 

On Saturday, Cutter's soccer team played in an end of the season tournament. 


Because they didn't have enough teams register to play in his age group, they had us play up against kids older than our team. It was good experience but we knew it would be tough to hang with the big kids! 

Carson spent the day at the soccer fields with me. He is working on his reading goal at school so he took several books with him. He cheered on his little brother in between pages! 


After three long, hot (think mid 80 temps in November!) games, Cutter ended his day on a high note!


Red Lightning took 1st place for their division for the season and the coach passed out their trophies! This cute kid was SO EXCITED! 

Conner played with the JV basketball team in a few short scrimmage games on Saturday as well. Mark and I had to separate to divide and conquer and I didn't get any pics of Conner playing basketball. #momfail #reallydadfailbchewasatthegym 

This is our #22 from last season. So let's pretend this was from this weekend. Ha! I'm sure he'll tell you he's taller this year. ;)


We finished with soccer and basketball around 5:00pm and headed home to start on Cutter's homework project. Hide Tom the Turkey! 

How many of you have done this project with your kids? When I taught Kindergarten, we did this activity and it was always a favorite for the kids.  Last year, Cutter made his turkey hide in Popcorn. This year, he decided to sweeten the deal! 

And he made his turkey...


a cupcake. 

With skittles for sprinkles. 


Mark and I ended our Saturday snuggled on the couch watching this movie...

Me Before You .jpg

It was SO GOOD. I know we are behind, but I wanted to wait to watch the movie until I had a chance to read the book. It has been on my shelf for a while and finally I finished it this week. The movie follows the book really well! 

By Sunday morning, I still wasn't feeling great. If you are a Mom, you know we often don't take the time to rest. Well, Mark recommended me staying home from church after not sleeping well Saturday night. I took his advice and rested on the couch and started my next book. 


EEEKKS! There's a sequel!

I'll let you know what I think on my next book review! 

Mark and the boys brought me soup after church for lunch and then I headed out to host an Open House for a couple of hours.  One of my favorite things about being a Realtor is meeting new people. My Mom always said I never met a stranger. Ha!

I ended my weekend the way it began. 


On the couch. 

A little work on the blog and a BIG WIN for the COWBOYS! 

Have a great Monday, friends!