Happy Monday, friends!

Can you believe it’s already mid July?!? I can’t believe summer is halfway over!

It’s been a busy summer so far at the Ferry household. We’ve been working hard and playing hard! We take our summer seriously! Ha!

Today, I thought I’d share a little catch up post about our summer so far!


We started the summer with cheering this guy on in the County Tournament!
His team placed 2nd in the season for our league which made them eligible to play in the County Tournament.


Two of the smaller fans cheering on Carson and his team!


Cutter’s best friend is his cousin, Corban. They are so much alike and have the sweetest friendship!


Conner came out to cheer on his little brother!


They won the County Tournament and went on to play in the District Championship!


They lost the District Championship 15-14 in one of the most exciting baseball games!
So proud of Carson! What a fun season of baseball!


Next up, we had VBS! Carson was on the Praise Team and led the Worship Rallies each day. My sweet friend, Cristi, who is also our Children’s Minister at church is the one dressed in camouflage on stage. How cute is she?! Carson is standing to the left of her and looking so grown up!


Carson and the Praise Team also went into the classes to teach the kids the hand motions and songs. This is Carson in the 1st grade classroom where I helped teach all week! So many sweet kiddos!


Conner (red shirt) was on the Recreation team with some of his friends. You can see it was a hard job! Ha!


Love this goofy kid so much! (He switched name tags with Walker! 😉)
What a blessing to have all 3 boys with me at VBS! Not to mention I met so many new friends too! Friends, the best way to meet people and fellowship is to SERVE at church! I encourage you to not just go on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, but get INVOLVED! I promise, you will be BLESSED!


We have already spent several afternoons at the pool.


Carson and Cutter’s favorite thing to do is jump off the diving board and try to catch the ball thrown to them. I snapped this pic of Cutter catching it from Dad!


Always a favorite when Daddy gets off work early enough to meet us for a swim!


We spent a weekend in June at my Mom’s house in east Texas!
Morning coffee on the deck overlooking the lake is one of my very favorite things!

IMG_8978 2.jpeg

Carson played with my Mom’s duck, Bandit. She got him at Easter and he is so funny the way he follows her around the yard. Bandit provided lots of entertainment!


Fishing is another favorite to do at Granny Pat’s house!
Speaking of looking grown up, Carson got braces in June and went from 12 years old to looking like he’s 15!


So much fun!
Mom and I fished with the boys, but I caught ZERO. Hooked one but it got off the line when I was pulling up so no pic = no proof!


Sunsets on the lake are magical…


When we left Mom’s house that weekend, we hurried home because Mark had gotten tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters! They were playing at ACU, Abilene Christian University, where Mark went to college. We surprised the boys and they LOVED it!


Cutter’s birthday was back in April but he has been saving some of his birthday money trying to decide what he wanted to purchase with it. He finally decided he needed ANOTHER blanket! Cutter is our kid who is always on the lookout for the softest blanket ever. Every Christmas, a blanket is the number 1 gift on his wish list. This boy has more blankets than the whole family combined! While we were at Mom’s, he found this one on Amazon and insisted it was THE ONE to use his birthday money to purchase.


That smile says it all!


Alyssa (in the middle) and two of her friends, Katelyn and Kourtney, came for a visit.


Love when my sweet girl is home!


Our “kids” for the weekend! We took them bowling and had a girls vs. boys game.


The boys team won but fun was had by all!


We spent the afternoon swimming and enjoying some sunshine!


We ended our day at “The Creek”, Mark’s parent’s cabin south of town. Mark’s parents and our nephew, Josh, joined us for hamburgers, hot dogs, and banana pudding!

So far, summer has been everything we wanted, needed, and more! We are soaking up all the late nights, family time, swimming, movies, and everything in between!

Summertime also means I have more time to READ!
Come back tomorrow for my Book Review!!

Have THE BEST week!


Hope you guys had a great Memorial weekend! We had THE BEST weekend!

Friday night Mark and Conner went to the movies so Carson, Cutter, and I had a movie night at home. We even went and bought popcorn at the theatre to enjoy!


I can’t believe this sweet boy just finished his first year of middle school!


Cutter is my snuggler!
I looked like a hot mess after my run!


Saturday was lots of playing outside!


And lots of building!


Mark’s parents joined us for dinner and games that evening!
We played Carcassonne (pictured above) and Canasta ( a card game).


After church Sunday morning, we grabbed my nephew, Corban, for a sleepover with Cutter. These two are the sweetest cousins. Truly, they are so much alike and really enjoy each other. It makes my heart so happy they have each other! Cousins make the best friends and I have a feeling these two will be together most of the summer!


Sunday evening Carson worked on programming his robot with some new moves. If you missed it, I shared a while back about this robot that we gave Carson for his birthday in January. It took him several months but he built him all by himself! I mean we didn’t answer a question, look at directions with him, nothing at all. I am SO impressed and SO proud of him! His robot only recognizes Carson’s voice. He can dance, wave, hug, teach you something, tell your stories, tell you jokes, walk around with you, and so much more!


We spent Monday with Mark’s family at the Creek. The grandkids played a lot of baseball. (It really is our life this time of year! Ha!)


We ate a late breakfast, played games, visited, and enjoyed the day together.


Gramma got out the paints and the grandkids had the best time painting rocks.


Gramma was also prepared with old t-shirts to save their clothes! Ha!


The sign of a good weekend!
And once again, Conner was with us all weekend but no pics of the 17 year old. I’m going to have to get sneaky to make sure he makes some photos this summer! :)

We are finishing up school today and we are READY FOR SUMMER!
Have a GREAT Thursday, friends!


Hey there, Wednesday!

Lets-Look At.jpg

I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for their Let’s Look At… link up! Each month we “look at” a different topic. This month is all about the people in your family!

Family is EVERYTHING to me! I am so grateful for my husband, Mark. He is truly my gift from God and I am blessed to journey through this life with him! We have four kids - one girl (our oldest) and three boys. I can’t believe God chose me to be their mom! They BLESS me every single day!

In January, I shared a post IF YOU ARE NEW AROUND HERE where I shared all about me as well as each member of my family so you can get to know us a little better. You can read that post HERE.


These are my people! :)



A few of you have mentioned you are new to my blog so I wanted to say “Hello and welcome!” to those of you who are new here. If you are a friend who has been here for a while, “I’m glad you’re here too!”

My name is Tish and this is my little piece of the internet.

I started my blog to help me document more about our family and kiddos. What I discovered is the sweetest community of friends from all over the world! I am so grateful for each of you!


I am a wife, Mom, and Realtor in Abilene, TX.

I was born and raised in Texas which means I love sweet tea, chips and queso, and all the Tex Mex food! I grew up in Abilene (moved here when I was 3) and attended Hardin-Simmons University where I received my degree in Elementary Education. I taught 3rd grade at Wylie ISD and then stayed home when I got pregnant with Carson (our 3rd kiddo). After Cutter (#4) was born I went back into teaching when Carson was 4 yrs old and Cutter was 2 yrs old. I taught Kindergarten and Pre-K at St. John’s Episcopal School. However, after three years back in teaching, God opened the door for me to go into real estate. You can read about why I became a Realtor HERE. I have now been a Realtor for 5 1/2 years and absolutely LOVE what I do! I am blessed every day by my clients!

I love coffee like Lorelai Gilmore loves coffee! I drink crazy amounts of it especially in the winter. Any other cold natured friends? I am a Reality TV junkie and love to watch The Bachelor (Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise) and Big Brother but also watch a few of the Real Housewives series too. They are all ridiculous but they make me laugh! My FAVORITE thing to do is read! If you know someone who will pay me to read books for a living, please give them my contact info! Ha! #dreamjob

However, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I want you to know about me is that I love Jesus! He is my Savior and all that I have in my life I owe to Him. Love God. Love people. It’s that simple! And if you don’t know God as your personal Savior but want a relationship with Him or have questions, I would love to visit with you! You can email me at!


I am married to Mark who is truly my best friend. He knows me better than anyone else and I am so grateful to live this crazy life of ours with him by my side! We have four kiddos and spend much of our time watching them play sports! We are a soccer, football, basketball, baseball family currently and our daughter played volleyball as well as ran track (and played basketball too) when she was in high school so we have most sports covered. We also love to go to the movies and can eat our weight in movie theatre popcorn!

Mark Blackburn


Mark is the Postmaster of Stamford, TX, a small town about 40 miles north of Abilene. Mark also grew up in Abilene and attended Abilene Christian University where he played baseball. We both attended Cooper High School and Mark graduated the same year as my older brother. We dated my senior year of high school and his sophomore year at ACU for a few months and then God brought us back together 10 years later.

Alyssa Michelle


Alyssa is our oldest and our only girl! She recently turned 21 and I shared a post all about her you can read HERE. Alyssa is a senior in college and lives in Waco, TX. She is working towards her Bachelor’s degree to be a Child Life Specialist and then plans on going into her Master’s degree program next year. Being the only girl and the oldest, she is always playing second Mom to her brothers. This girl is pure light and love to all who know her! We have such a sweet special bond and I am forever grateful God chose her to make me a mom!

Conner Ryan


Conner is our oldest son who just turned 17 a few weeks ago. Conner is a junior in high school and plays on the Varsity basketball team. We love watching our #44! Conner is one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet. He has a super laid back personality - not type A like his mom and sister. Ha! Conner is easy going, loves to do anything sport related although his passion is definitely basketball. He has a close relationship with his older sister (those two are always up to something!) and he is just the absolute best big brother to our little Cs. Conner’s schedule is crazy right now with school, athletics, church activities, etc. but the second he gets home he always goes straight to find his brothers. They have all the special handshakes, inside jokes, and Carson and Cutter just want to be like Conner when they grow up. And they both want to be taller than Conner. Haha! #goals

Carson Michael


Carson is our middle son and also had a birthday a few weeks ago. Carson and Conner share a January 15th birthday exactly five years apart! Carson is 12 years old and is in 6th grade, his first year of middle school. Carson has a big heart. He is always praying for others and wants the best for his friends. He is very tender hearted and always looking for ways to serve others. Carson also plays basketball and baseball. And he is just almost taller than his Momma! (He measures every single day. Ha!) Carson loves to dress up for church, pictures, and school events. He can rock a fun suit like his Daddy! Carson is very much like Mark. He is his mini-me in looks and has a lot of the same personality traits. Carson is very personable and social. He likes to be the life of the party! It’s Carson’s world and we are all just living in it!

Cutter Maddux


Cutter Maddux completed our family 9 years ago. He is our quietest kid around others but his personality is BIG when he is at home! This kid is FUNNY! He is always making us laugh! Cutter also remembers almost everything he reads or learns so he is always using new words and trying to keep us on our toes. He loves to read like his Mom and Dad. He also absolutely LOVES going to the movies and popcorn like us too! Cutter is our cuddle bug and lover of blankets. This kid wants a new blanket every Christmas and birthday! He also prefers to be with one of us than alone in his room. He and Carson are super close and call themselves “best friend brothers”. I hope they always do that! He is also constantly in Conner’s room hanging out with his biggest brother any chance he gets. Cutter Maddux is growing up but he will always be the baby of our family. The perfect caboose!


You can keep up with us on Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE.
If you have any questions or just want to chat, you can email me at
I love to hear from you!

Have a great Tuesday!