Happy Friday, friends!
It’s the first official day of summer at our house and we are PUMPED!
We are ready for all the swimming, grilling, late family movie nights, ice cream, board games, tennis, and ALL the fun!!

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I’m linking up with ERIKA, ANDREA, and NARCI for Friday Favorites!


Look at what came in the mail this week!!
The new Faster Way to Fat Loss book!!

I’ve shared my love for the Faster Way to Fat Loss several times! It is honestly the only program that has ever worked for me. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose when I joined FWTFL. I wanted to lose about 10-15lbs but more than that, I wanted to learn how to lift weights correctly and have good workouts that saw results. I loved the idea of having a personal trainer to answer all my questions and to help me learn to fuel my body with the right foods and also still be able to enjoy a treat. My trainer is the creator of the FWTFL, Amanda Tress. For Amanda, her treat is a donut. For me, it’s ice-cream in the summer and a cozy dessert in the winter. Yes, you can eat donuts with the program!

The next round of FWTFL starts MONDAY! June 3rd!

And friends, I am SO EXCITED about this round!
Amanda and her team are adding a new portal with all the information for you to easily access, adding a meal plan, new workouts with yoga, cycling, and kick boxing, and it is now an 8 week program! I CANNOT wait to start!

Here are my before and after photos from my first round in 2018.


I’m taking updated photos with this next round and will share those later!

I have a post all about FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that you can read HERE.

The basics are that you join the 8 week program and your coach will teach you all about how to make the lifestyle change to intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and working out to benefit you the best! You can do all these workouts AT HOME. I don’t workout at the gym however if the gym is your jam, then yes, those workouts are provided too! You are placed in a Facebook group with others doing the same round as you and it is so helpful and encouraging! You support one another, ask questions in the group for the trainers/coaches, share recipes, etc. The FB groups are my favorite!

You can read more on the program HERE.

If you are a new client and would like to register, you can do that HERE.
I know many of you have done the program with me already. Yay! If you’ve done one round and want to join the VIP Membership, you can register HERE.

I’m really excited about VIP for June!!

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions! I LOVE this program so much! And if you join, LET ME KNOW! I want to follow your journey, encourage you, and share recipes! I am always looking for new ideas!!!

Also, if your husband or the man of your life wants to join with you, they can! Mark did the first round with me and he just started back with me this round! You can find the Men’s program HERE.

I’m off to another baseball game!
Have THE BEST weekend!


We are ready for the weekend at the Ferry house!

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As always, I’m linking up with ERIKA, ANDREA, and NARCI for Friday Favorites. Here are a few favorites from our week!

First, did you see our crazy busy weekend in my WEEKEND WRAP-UP post on Monday? If you missed it, you can read all about our soccer champion HERE.

And I shared some of my FAVORITE HAIR CARE PRODUCTS yesterday - including the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer I can’t stop talking about! You can find that post HERE.


On Monday, I scheduled a grocery pick up at H-E-B. When I arrived for my curbside appointment, they brought me my groceries AND this Kendra Scott box! H-E-B had teamed up with Kendra Scott to honor moms for Mother’s Day! What a special surprise!


These beautiful earrings were inside! They are silver with light purple stones. So pretty!
Thank you, H-E-B!


Conner is playing in a spring league and Tuesday we were able to watch two of his games. That’s Conner making the basket! 😉Basketball in May is a FAVORITE!


Carson had some pieces in the Spring Art Showcase at school this week. This one is a drawing of his robot he just finished building.


Speaking of his robot, he finally finished him!! We gave Carson THIS robot for Christmas. He built the ENTIRE robot ALL. BY. HIMSELF. I have been so impressed! He can give him commands and the robot will dance, talk, and even wave hello! He just started programming him this week so I’ll share more once he has more time to set him up. Carson is hoping to teach him to do his chores. Ha! You can find the robot HERE. It would make a great gift or a project for this summer!

57912465910__0BD5EFF8-3E05-4FE4-AAB1-EE5ADDBC70A5 2.jpeg

Sweet notes are always a FAVORITE! I put this one on my desk from Mark. It’s the little things that make me smile BIG.


My last FAVORITE to share is this Long-Sleeve Raglan T-shirt. It’s an Amazon find and is only $16! I have been wearing it on repeat this baseball season. I wore it yesterday with the cooler weather and snapped a pic while I was finishing up this post. I’ve washed and dried it several times and it has held up really well! And you can find my leather earrings HERE. I have had these for a year and LOVE them!

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!

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See you back on Monday!


Happy Friday, friends!

Friday Favorite 2018.jpg

I’m linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA for Friday Favorites!

Here are a couple of favorites from my week!


First, did you see my Book Review post this week? Book Reviews are always my FAVORITE! You can read the post HERE and then let me know what I should be reading next!


Also, I shared my Faster Way To Fat Loss FAQs in THIS post. The next round starts MONDAY! You can read all about the fitness program HERE and if you decide to join me for this round, you can register HERE. Join me just in time for summer!


We celebrated Cutter’s 10th birthday last week! Seeing this kid still be so excited about double digits is definitely a FAVORITE!


Sweet Carson made a card for his big sister and her roommate in college.


I love seeing the bond between Alyssa and her brothers! Carson Michael misses her very much and this card is so precious!


Soccer season comes to an end this weekend as Cutter’s team plays in their final tournament. We have at least 4 games on Saturday and another one on Sunday. Do you spot Cutter #31 in the middle? Watching Cutter play soccer is always a FAVORITE! This kid LOVES to run!

Short and sweet this Friday!
I’m off to tackle my “to do” list for work today!

Hope you guys have THE BEST weekend!


Happy Friday, friends!

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I’m linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA for Friday Favorites!


I’m a HUGE birthday person! I LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays! Love to celebrate, love the excitement, the surprises, all of it! I love to make birthdays super special for others too! Life is short - celebrate it!
Bring on the cake!

And they just announced the next round of FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS
which begins on….


March 11th!!
I wrote a post with Frequently Asked Questions that you can read HERE.
I LOVE this program! I started last January and cannot say enough good things about it. Love the trainers, the workouts, and that you can eat donuts! Ha! Comment if you have any questions!
If you are ready to join me, REGISTER for the FWTFL HERE.

Let me know if you join the March 11th round! We can swap recipes/lunch&dinner ideas!
And I’m trying to do better and share more of what I eat on Instagram. You find me HERE if you want to follow.


THIS hair dryer is a FAVORITE! I had read several great reviews and decided to try it. Friends, you NEED this! Super lightweight and super easy to use. You no longer need a round brush to make your hair straight and smooth. Just take your towel dried hair, use this as your hair dryer, and done! It’s all in one with this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer.

My hair is very fine and also natural curly. Use this and it’s like you just left the salon with a blow out! Smooth and shiny and the best part…you don’t need to use a straightener!! Blow dry and go!


I have been wearing THESE tennis shoes on repeat this week! I have had them for several months and they are SO COMFORTABLE. The Adidas NMDs are extremely light weight and great quality. I have washed mine and they still look like new! They are super cute with shorts, jeans, leggings, everything!


We had a massive cold front come through that made the temps drop to a high of 40 yesterday. Because of the yucky cold weather, both soccer and baseball practices were canceled. We took advantage and had a pizza and movie night with the boys! Family time is always a FAVORITE!

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!
Come back next week and I’ll have my February Book Review!!