Let's Look! - The Coziest Spot in Your House

Happy Hump Day, friends!
Well, 2/3 of our kids started back to school yesterday. Sweet Carson woke up not feeling well and after a trip to the dr. we had a case of strep confirmed. 🤒So I have a precious boy home another day with me. Crossing our fingers he starts feeling better. He is ready to see his friends at school!

Today, I’m joining up with Erika and Shay for their new Let’s Look link up!

Lets-Look At.jpg

January is all about The Coziest Spot in Your House!


This is my spot!

My favorite time of year for my cozy spot is the winter months. I snapped this picture one day last week when we had 3 days in a row of freezing temps. I had a fire going ALL day. I worked from home on those days so I sat in my cozy spot on the couch with my laptop and enjoyed the fire.


You’ll find me here most mornings having my quiet time before I start my day. You can read about my daily quiet time HERE.


See the seat to the left of the pillows, that’s where you will find me. Our couch also has reclining seats so I love to sit and read or cuddle up with my blanket and watch some Sunday afternoon football with Mark!


I also love how lamps make a room so much more cozy! I turn on lamps as soon as I walk through the house in the mornings. Lamps make me happy!

I LOVE a good candle!
Yankee candles are some of my favorites. I’m a vanilla cupcake, Christmas cookie, Buttercream kinda girl. I want you to walk in and it smell like something wonderful is baking! I wish you could smell my house right now! Candles and yummy scents scream cozy to me!


And of course you can’t have a cozy spot without blankets. Let me tell you, we are a blanket loving family!! In fact, the kids often request blankets for Christmas and this year Cutter wanted TWO new blankets. Ha!

Last year, Mark gave me a Noble Excellence blanket for Christmas. (on the couch in the picture) It is THE SOFTEST blanket ever! It’s a beautiful snow white and the kids always BEG me to use it! I’m usually wrapped up in my blanket in the mornings when I have my quiet time however this past Christmas Mark gave me a Barefoot Dreams robe and right now, it’s been the winner for cozy comfort!

What is your favorite cozy spot? What makes it cozy? I’d love to hear your ideas!


And a cozy spot during the Christmas season is even better!!!
Coffee, blanket, Uggs, Christmas tree, fire, and a book - that’s pretty perfect!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and are cozy wherever you are today! I’m going to be soaking up some snuggles and some movie time with my sweet Carson.

See you tomorrow!



Coffee + a Fun Mug makes me HaPpY HaPpY HaPpy! 

First, if you know me, you know I LOVE coffee! 

It is literally what gets me out of bed in the mornings. The thought of that first cup of coffee...


Coffee and Jesus is the best way to start my day!

And yes, I like my creamer with a little bit of coffee. 😉

One of my favorite things to collect are fun mugs. I have collected them from when we have travelled as a family on vacations or when I have travelled for mission trips. I have been given mugs from friends and family for lots of occasions - birthdays, holidays, souvenirs - I love them all! I am not a big collector of things and I am not sentimental about very many things, but I love that my mugs remind me of special people/memories. 

Here are a few of my favorites!


Several years ago I did a bible study with some close friends. It was a special time to encourage one another, lift each other up, and be in God's word. Studying scripture with friends and being vulnerable and open with where you struggle and sharing prayer requests is a special time. I cherish those friends dearly! At the end of this particular bible study, the hostess gave us each a mug with a verse on it. Every time I use this mug, I pray for those friends, their precious kiddos, spouses, and families. 


I picked up this coffee mug on a weekend getaway with Mark. I remember seeing it and just feeling encouraged. Be your own kind of beautiful. Wow. Don't we all need that reminder? 


This fun mug was a gift for my birthday from my sis-in-law, Karen. #truth


I found this one while on vacation at Padre Island with our sweet friends Randy and Amy. We took their two kids (they now have 3!) and our 4 kiddos and spent the week in a condo on the beach. It was SO MUCH FUN! I love that this mug reminds me of those precious memories when our kids were little. It's been 7 years and seems like yesterday! Randy and Amy are dear precious friends who we don't see often enough. They have two kiddos adopted from Russia and one child of their own. This mug reminds me of the Barfields. 


A Halloween gift from my sister a few years ago! 


I travelled to Thailand for a mission trip with our church in 2010 and brought this travel mug home. I collect mugs/travel mugs from the countries I visit. This visit was extra special because at the time my older brother, Jeremy, was living in Thailand and I was able to see him on this trip. It had been many months so I was VERY excited to meet up with him for a few hours before we headed back to the states! 

Our layover was in...


So I grabbed this at the airport. 


My Father-in-law brought this mug back from Russia for me. 


And he brought me a Moscow mug from his 2nd trip. 

My sweet friend, Brooke, went on a mission trip to New York City and brought me this mug...


...with a cute taxi on the back!


Visiting NYC is on my bucket list! 

Our daughter, Alyssa, travelled to Israel this past summer. I love the mug she brought me, especially now that she is back at college. Miss that girl so much! I pray for her specifically every time I use my Israel mug. 


I saved THE BEST for last! A few years ago, I opened this mug for Christmas from the four kiddos. 


Alyssa wrote on the mug and then Conner, Carson, and Cutter helped wrap it. 


Sadly, the back of the mug didn't do well when I washed it. 

It's still my absolute FAVORITE! 

Those are a few of my FUN MUGS! 

This sign is on my coffee bar.


I read it every morning while I wait for my coffee to brew. I love how God can use simple things like coffee mugs to remind us to pray for others. People all around the world need Jesus. Our families and friends need Jesus. I need Jesus.

I am a huge believer in prayer and if I can be a prayer warrior for you, please let me know! You can comment on this post or email me at simply_tish@yahoo.com.

I would love to hear from you and lift you up in prayer today! 

Have a blessed Wednesday!



Today I'm linking up with ANDREA to share Christmas Decor! I love to read these posts and take a peek inside everyone's homes this time of year. Christmas decor makes me happy! 

Because our house is currently on the market for sale (You can take a home tour HERE), we decided to put up our Christmas tree and just a few Christmas touches throughout the house instead of everything Christmas this year. We were afraid our house might feel too cluttered for showings for potential buyers.

Therefore, I have a few Christmas touches to share today but I'm going to share more about our Christmas tree/ornaments. 


When we built our house, we knew we would buy a new Christmas tree. Mark insisted it not be a "skinny tree". I think he succeeded! #littlefull #lotofsap Can you quote that Christmas movie?!

Our living room ceilings are 10 foot so Mark found the tallest tree that would fit and still be able to have a star on top. 

We always set it up in the corner of our living room which does block off one entrance to the hallway leading to the kids' rooms however there is another entrance and it's only for a month. We can all use the extra steps! 


All 6 stockings match. #markisocd #soiam Ha!

We always hang our stockings from oldest to youngest - Dad, Mom, Alyssa, Conner, Carson, Cutter. Is this normal? I see other people hang theirs in no order at all. Just curious how you hang yours...



Our first Christmas together, Mark gave me a snow globe with the year on it. Every year since, he has given me a new one. However, if you notice, there are a few missing. Sweet Conner broke one when he was a toddler. We didn't have a fireplace at that house and so we had them on a shelf that evidently he could reach. We also lost one in the move that got broken. 


Did you see Buddy, our elf, hiding on the mantle?


When I taught 3rd grade, one of my students gave me this singing Christmas tree. You press the button and he dances and sings O Christmas Tree. My own kids look forward to getting him out every year! He is in the living room too for all to enjoy. 


Last year, Cutter decided he wanted his own snow globe and asked for a Stars Wars one for his room. 


We added a few Christmas pictures on the coffee bar and in the kitchen. 


This sign greets you in our entry way.


Along with our little snowman. 


And this sign is in my office.


Our Christmas tree is decorated with a hodge podge of ornaments. Glass balls, ornaments the kids have made over the years, ornaments that have been gifted to us, or some we have picked up while traveling. Again, since we didn't get out everything Christmas this year. I thought I would share some of the ornaments with you. 


This was one of the first ornaments Alyssa made when she was in pre-school. She was SO PROUD of it! Now that she is almost 20 yrs old, she still loves seeing it on the tree. 


Carson Michael


Cutter Maddux


One of my favorites of Alyssa and Conner!

This sweet cross was made by one of my students many years ago.


This ornament I brought back from my Mission trip to Thailand in 2010. 


And this one is from Thailand that I brought back for my Dad. He passed away in December that year before Christmas, so it is on my tree. We miss him every single day. 


We have several ornaments that represent us. 


Mark is a HUGE Kentucky Wildcat Basketball fan! 


And a HUGE Elvis fan too!


Give me all the shoes!


One of our favorite things to do in the winter is go out to Mark's parent's cabin aka The Creek, and make smores around the fire.  Mark's sister gave us this ornament a few years ago and it is perfect to remember those sweet times!


Our brother-in-law went on a Mission trip to Russia several years ago and brought us this ornament. Don't you love ornaments from around the world? It is a great reminder to be praying for others!

The two most precious ornaments on our tree are in memory of our two babies in heaven. It is always emotional to hang them every year. At night, I sit by the tree in the quiet and think about those sweet babies with Jesus. 


This is the back of the ornament.


Merry Christmas from the Ferry family!


That's our home this year! 

Happy HAPPY Tuesday!


Our Home (For a little while longer)

Memorial Day weekend of 2006, Mark and I found out we were expecting Carson Michael Ferry. Adding a third child to our family meant we had outgrown our little 2 bedroom 1 bath house. After much prayer and lots of plans, and even changes to plans, Mark and I decided to build our next home. We knew our needs and a few wants in the next house and building allowed us to meet all those things. Nine years later, we are now taking another leap of faith and have put our house on the market for sale.  I thought this was the perfect time to share our home with you before a new family moves in to make it their own. 😊 


Mark worked hard on designing the outside of our home. He wanted lots of character on the front of the home as well as angles in the roof line. Our roofer said he accomplished this task! 

With three littles at the time and hoping for more (Cutter came 2 years later!), we knew we wanted an extra long wide side entry driveway. This has been perfect for basketball games, scooters, tricycles, sidewalk chalk, and so much more! 


Our front yard is very spacious and the boys have begged us for years not to plant trees. It would mess up their baseball/football field. 😉 


We love a big living area to watch movies, sit by the fire, and read. We spend lots of time in this room!


See the blue walls in the room to the left? That's my home office! 


When we first built our home, I did medical transcription. You can read my story HERE to see how God changed my plans to His and I became a Realtor. I spend many hours in my home office working on real estate documents/contracts, marketing, visiting with clients, and working on emails, etc.  

Those are also all my favorite books and authors! 


My view most days!

I love how spacious and open the room feels with the french doors but it still allows me to close off my office when needed to take phone calls or just have a little quiet when everyone is home. 

There is a smaller living area that Mark has made into his office. Yes, those are movie posters on the wall. 

Mark decorated his office while I was out of town. I came home 10 days later to this...yes, that is Elvis too.


and The Kramer. #seinfeldfansunite


Many precious memories have been made in our kitchen. Late night talks with teenagers, early morning breakfasts with toddlers, holidays, fellowships, meals with family and friends, and more game nights played at our kitchen table than I can count! 


Also, an enormous amount of coffee over the years! One of my favorite things is sitting at the bar with a cup of coffee next to a friend. Many hopes and dreams shared as well as heartbreak and sorrow. Thankful for coffee dates where we can share and encourage and love a friend. 


The three boys' rooms are all down one hallway. 

Cutter Maddux


Cutter was named after Greg Maddux (Mark's favorite baseball pitcher) and Cutter is a type of pitch. Can you guess what position Mark played in college? #southpaw

Carson Michael


Carson is my most OCD kiddo. He comes by it naturally from his Mom and Dad!  All their rooms were extremely clean ready for the photographer to take pictures however Carson's room often looks just like this photo. He is very particular about his things and especially his bed being made properly.  Love that kid!

Conner Ryan


Conner is our oldest son and he spends the most time in his room.


We gave him a desk last year for Christmas and he much prefers to do his homework at his desk over the kitchen table like his brothers. Conner is a HUGE Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan. Not sure Mark gave him much of a choice when he was little. Ha! 

Alyssa Michelle


Alyssa's room is the only room upstairs. Her room is over the garage and was absolutely perfect while she was in high school. Moms of girls, you know the sound of girl giggles at all hours of the night! She would play her guitar and keyboard and have a room full of friends and we didn't hear a thing! #amen 


Her room isn't the same now that she is at college and living in her own apartment. But she still has a few things here so when I miss her too much, I go sit on her bed for a few minutes/hours. 

Our room


I like cozy but also clean simple lines. Remember I mentioned the OCD earlier? Ha!

I am not a pack rat, however I am sentimental about certain items. If you look closely on the chest right below the large picture of my wedding portrait, you'll see a single pink rose. One of my sweet precious friends lost her Mom this past spring to cancer. I have known their family a long time and her Mom was special to so many of us. That rose was given to me from the flower spray at her graveside service. My friend was so gracious to share God's love with others even on a day when her heart broke the most. I keep that rose as a reminder of her Mom, her friendship, God's love, God's grace, and to remember that each day is truly a gift. 


Lamps = cozy

The picture on the right is hard to see but it hangs next to my side of the bed.

A dear sweet friend of mine had Psalm 91 painted on canvas for me when my Dad passed away. She knew it was a favorite verse of mine. She had lost her Mom several months before so she truly understood what I was going through during that time. I still read that verse every day. I will treasure this gift always.


Take the time to read Psalm 91 today. You will be blessed.

Our patio is one of my favorite places in our home. It is perfect to watch the sunrise, to drink my morning coffee, to read, and to spend time with God. 


I have watched many tricks on the trampoline from this spot, practiced soccer in the backyard, had snowball fights, kids running through the sprinkler, water balloon fights, nerf gun wars, and listened to laughter. Lots of laughter. 

Thank you for allowing me to share our home with you today.

Many blessings from our home to yours!