LIFE LATELY {3.25.19}

Happy Monday, friends!!

Well, I took a longer break from blogging than planned but it was fabulous and much needed! Originally, I was going to take off Spring Break with my kids…and it was wonderful! Lots of rest, late nights, movie time, playing outside, and board games. Exactly what our family needed before starting up busy baseball season. However, the 17th was my birthday and Mark surprised me with a trip to Vegas! We spent five days together last week - just the two of us. It was FABULOUS! Today I’m sharing a little from our trip and a little life lately. 😉


Earlier this month, Cutter performed a musical at church about the story of Joseph with a 50s twist - Not Your Average Joe . If you know this kid, it was HUGE that he stood up there and sang with the Kidz Praise Choir! And having your friend in choir with you makes it even better!


Spring soccer season started a few weeks ago for Cutter. We had to bundle up for the first game of the season, but we were so grateful for warmer weather this week!


Carson played his first game of the season this week. He wears his Daddy’s old baseball number - #19!


Cutter played his first games this week too. However, to be a little different than his older brother, he wears Daddy’s old basketball number - #31!

We have games Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. If you need us for the next few months, we’ll be at the ballpark! #myfavoritetimeofyear

AF91AF86-96BA-4FEA-8589-9A031729A87F 2.jpeg

We celebrated my birthday in Vegas this year! I’m a St. Patrick’s Day baby so I was sporting my green for the day!

Mark surprised me with the trip and it was THE BEST birthday!


Mark booked us at the Palazzo. I don’t normally post pics of hotel rooms but I was so impressed!


We had a whole seating area complete with desk and dining table.


And the bathroom was beautiful! I think it was probably the largest we’ve ever had on a trip.


It even had a make up vanity!

Mark had no idea the room was so nice. He was pleasantly surprised as well!

IMG_7451 2.jpeg

We ate lobster rolls one day and lobster grilled cheese the next day for lunch at Luke’s. They were both SO GOOD!

IMG_7436 2.jpeg

I didn’t take a lot of pics this trip but I’m always a sucker for a waterfall or fountain. I think they are beautiful and so soothing when you stop to listen.


We did a lot of walking! Over 70,000 steps in three days!
We went to the Fashion Mall and did a little shopping too. I think they add more stores every time we go!


My favorite was Kendra Scott!
We don’t have one locally so I always love to see all the jewelry. I love her pieces because they are so lightweight and most can be dressed up or down depending on if you are headed to church or just in t-shirt and jeans for the day.

That’s a little life lately.
Hope you guys have a great week!

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Happy Monday, friends!

I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that to start your week. 😉


It turned crazy cold again here this weekend. Well, not as cold as up north, but 20s is COLD to Texans! Cutter and Carson have had some extra electronics time this weekend since they haven’t been able to get outside very much. They love their new headsets they got for Christmas and being able to talk/play against friends!


Carson told me their new video chairs are so comfortable! They each have one for the playroom and now he wants for his bedroom too!


We treated the boys to dessert after dinner one night and no one can just smile! Ha!


Love these crazy fun boys!


Last Saturday, Mark and I realized we didn’t have basketball games until 11:00am which meant we had a little free time that morning. We got up early to hit the Buffalo Gap Flea Market. We haven’t been in years and thought it would be fun to check it out. This is us SO excited to explore!
We got there at 8:00am and thought it odd we got such a great parking spot. Yay us! Then we started walking around and realized it was all food. Lots of RVs and everyone was starting up their grills. Yet, we saw NO booths or bounce houses, etc. Then we realized it was a COOK OFF! Haha! It started at 11:00am and was a fundraiser for the volunteer fire department. No wonder no one else was there! I’m sure those vendors were laughing at us walking around with coffee in hand checking things out! We later remembered the flea market is the 3rd weekend of every month. #oops


We have traveled some serious miles watching Conner play basketball this year. SEVENTEEN out-of-town games so far! We took two trips to Wichita Falls this past week and this was Cutter Friday night. Little brother was exhausted!


Carson and Cutter received Drawing Light Boards for Christmas. You place a picture you want to trace with a blank piece of white paper on top and you can easily see to trace the photo.


Carson chose dragons from How To Train Your Dragon. He’s getting excited for the 3rd movie to be released next week!

IMG_6736 2.jpeg

Cutter asked me to find Conner’s basketball picture. He wanted to trace and color a picture of his older brother. My Momma heart almost burst!


Cutter had Pajama Day at school last week and he was PUMPED!


It took approximately 473 tries to get a normal photo. This kid is just pure fun right now!


I want to be as happy and have as much energy as Cutter Ferry on this Monday!

Hoping you are full of JOY this morning and are ready to tackle your week!

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Hello Friends and Happy Monday!

It has been a quite a while since I blogged. I had been catching up and sharing about some of our summer trips in early October when we received a call that Mark’s sweet grandmother had gone to be with Jesus. It was unexpected and within less than 24 hours, Mark and I were headed to Kentucky. I’ll share more about his precious grandmother later this week.

All that to say, I came home and had to play some catch up with my business and clients after being gone almost a week. We were in the middle of finishing up soccer and football seasons and starting basketball with the boys and my days have just been crazy busy. I’m thankful for a husband who today has insisted I take some time for myself and get back to blogging. (I love you, Mark Ferry!) I have missed my blogging friends and just sharing about what’s going on in our corner of the world! So, welcome back! I’m excited to see everyone again!

Grab your cup of coffee and get cozy! I have a TON to share with you about our life lately!


Cutter Maddux, my little reader! If he isn’t playing a sport, you’ll find us at the library trying to keep this kiddo in books. He LOVES to read which makes his Mom and Dad SO happy! In fact, we are struggling to find some more series of books for him. If you know a good series or author for a 4th grader, please share!


Cutter had perfect attendance for the first six weeks of school and his name was drawn to win this super cute frog! He was PUMPED!


Cutter finished up his first flag football season in October. His team won 2nd Place!!


This picture makes my heart so happy! Cutter was able to play on the same team as his cousin, Corban. They are best little friends and had THE BEST time this season!


This guy had a birthday on October 25th and we celebrated BIG! He was able to get away from work early and we hit the movies (Mark’s favorite place to be!) while the kids were at school.


I won’t say anything about how old he is but I will point out how HANDSOME he looks for 45!


We attended a Michael Jackson concert that night! Ha!


We had fun singing along!


Our Middle School has pep rallies for the 7th & 8th grade football teams on Thursdays and they have a theme for each pep rally where the students can dress up and participate. This week’s theme was “Super Heroes”. Carson dressed up as Batman and his friends LOVED it! He had a lot of fun dressing up this year! I still can’t believe he’s old enough to be in middle school!


Halloween this year was cold and rainy. We started our night off with a visit to Mark’s grandmother. Cutter was a ninja and Carson wanted to wear a blue morph suit. (I think he wanted to be like his big brother! Conner wore one last year!)


Thankfully, the rain let up for a little bit and we were able to get in some trick or treating with cousins. They had a blast! (What happened to Cutter’s other eye?! Ha!)


Cutter also finished up his soccer season in the past few weeks.


November soccer is COLD! I was bundled up like a burrito and with MANY layers to make it through the soccer tournament.


His team were the tournament CHAMPIONS!


I love this kid so much! He has worked really hard and his team has come so far in learning soccer and their roles on the field. We love our Legends family!


He also placed 1st for the Fall season! We missed the game where they received their trophies because Mark and I had headed to Arlington to watch Conner’s first varsity basketball game. #multiplekidprobs I snapped this pic with his trophy when we got home!


Cutter’s school had a Veteran’s Day program in honor of our Veterans. They did such a good job!


The post office was closed that Monday which meant Mark had a day off! We attended Cutter’s program then spent the day together. We went to breakfast and Christmas shopped! It was cold and we had our first snow flurries. It was THE PERFECT day!


November also meant the start of basketball season! We are a basketball loving family and this is one of our favorite times of year!!

Conner made the high school varsity team. We love cheering on our #44!


Yes, I’m the mom who takes pictures during warm-ups before the games too. Ha!


We are so excited to watch him play his passion!

That’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately!

We are SUPER excited about this week because as much as we love Thanksgiving, the holiday means our college girl is coming home!!! Mom is surrounded by boys and needs her girl!

Have a great week, friends!
See you back here tomorrow!



Today, I have a random assortment for you of a little life lately!


Carson Michael attended his first school dance a couple weeks ago!

Let me brag on him for just a minute…
He started a new school and new school district in August. He only knew just a couple kids that would be in 6th grade with him. He was nervous and a little anxious about making new friends. However, this guy has jumped right in! He is loving Middle School! (just not the homework! 😉) I was SO incredibly proud of him for wanting to go to the Back to School dance. That takes guts, friends! Guts I didn’t have at his age! I love his confidence! He had a great time and even danced with a few young ladies! #hedoesn’tgetthatfromdad Ha!


He looked so handsome!

Carson actually wanted to wear his suit at first. Mark talked him out of it and then he planned on wearing his green suit pants. Mark convinced him to just wear jeans this time and maybe dress up more for the next one. We didn’t want him to be embarrassed being too dressed up but if anyone can pull it off, it’s our Carson!


Our elementary school allows students to “Adopt an Indian” (varsity football player or cheerleader) for the season. It is a way for the younger kids to love on and encourage those players/cheerleaders and also get them excited about looking forward to high school. Each week we give a little goodie bag, note of encouragement, small gift, etc to our Indian we adopted.

Cutter was paired with Austin, who just happens to practically be family! Stay with me here - Austin’s dad is the brother of my brother-in-law. Which means that Cutter and Austin share the same cousins but are not actually cousins. However, we call them family! We have known sweet Austin and his brother all their lives and watched them grow into amazing young men. Cutter was WAY excited to have Austin! Another fun fact - Austin’s mom is one of Cutter’s teachers this year. It just doesn’t get any better than that!


They had the kids gather with their adopted Indian and announced them on the field in between JV games last week. If you know Cutter, you know he is my shy kid. Like, super shy and gets really anxious about talking to people or doing new things. He was crazy nervous! However, Austin was the sweetest and they started talking flag football and all was well!


You can tell Cutter was still nervous when his name was called and it was time for him to walk the field. At least I got a little smile!

Speaking of flag football…


Cutter had his first ever flag football game this past Saturday!

His cousin, Corban (in the middle), plays and he and Cutter are little BFFs so Cutter wanted to give it a try this year. *On the right is Corban’s cousin on the other side of his family - so again not Cutter’s cousin but we claim him as family too!*

They are all 3 very excited to play together!


Write here…

IMG_4546 2.jpg

Our #3 is HOOKED!

And thank you to my sister-in-law for the pictures! She was more towards the middle of the field and we were sitting near the end. Her pics were much better than mine!


I started Crazy Rich Asians and ordered all 3 books in the series. I’m on Chapter 11 and friends, I’m just now getting into it! If you’ve read it, was it slow at the start? Granted, I haven’t had much reading time the past week so maybe starting and stopping too much has something to do with it. If you’ve read it, let me know your thoughts!


Look how handsome our boys looked Sunday morning!


Cutter wanted a picture with just Dad.


So Carson wanted one too!


And so I made Conner take one! Ha!

These boys are growing up so fast! Carson’s current goal is to be taller than me and Conner’s goal is to be taller than Mark!


He’s almost there!


Dad with his boys!

And missing our girl!!
We blinked and she went from Kindergarten to college!

IMG_4614 2.jpg

I love this guy so much!

Happy Monday, friends! Make it a great week!