Happy Monday!


We started our weekend off at the ballpark! Cutter played against some of his best friends Friday night in a very close game. We were thankful to not have all the mosquitos like we did at Tuesday night’s game, however it was FREEZING! We have had some crazy May weather this year!


On Saturday, we woke up and realized we had NOTHING on the calendar. NOT one game or birthday party or commitment. It. was. glorious. I spent the morning reading and enjoying the rainy weather. I worked some that afternoon while Mark and the boys cleaned out the playroom. Huge shout out to Mark for taking on that task! All the toys and games are back in place and ready for summer!


We had the best day Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day! We snapped this picture at church.


And our church had a sweet gift for each mother.


I can’t wait to add this to my morning devotion time!


We missed our college girl being with us but I received sweet messages and phone calls from her all day! I am so blessed by our 4 kiddos. How awesome is it that God chose me to be their mom? I am grateful and cherish every minute!

IMG_8107 2.jpeg

We grabbed a quick lunch after church and then headed to the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for Conner. What a great way to spend Mother’s Day celebrating Conner and his hard work!


He gave his little brothers high fives as he walked by. Love him so much!


We are so incredibly proud of you, Conner Ryan! And I cannot believe you are about to be a Senior! (cue the tears!)


My handsome boys!

However, this is reality! Ha!


They think it’s hilarious to goof around when Mom tries to take a picture!
Any other mom’s feel my pain?! Haha!


All 3 of the boys just want to be taller than Dad! 😉


Two of the three have already passed Mom! (That’s not hard to do!)


And for fun, here’s your outtake. Cutter Maddux thinks he is hilarious!

Carson had choir practice at church until 5:30pm so after we picked him up, we went out to eat.


I NEVER have pictures with Conner. I made him smile with his Mom for Mother’s Day!
Baseball season is so busy that we rarely have a chance to sit down and eat dinner together. I so enjoyed just being with my family, visiting, and laughing…a lot!


And I had to capture Cutter living his best life. Unlimited mugs of chocolate milk!
I love my family!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and all you mothers had a special Mother’s Day!
Have a great Monday, everyone!

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We had THE BEST weekend! 

Friday night was spent at the ballpark for Cutter's game. 


He had an AH-MAZING catch at 3rd base! Plus, they had two great plays getting the runners out at home plate! An exciting game to end our week and they got the WIN! 


On Saturday, Mark and Conner left early to drive to San Antonio for a basketball tournament Conner was playing in with his team. They played two games that afternoon and evening and got back home around 2:00am. Long day! 

Mark's parents have a cabin south of town that we loving call The Creek.  They invited Cutter and Carson to spend Saturday with them and my niece and nephew. The Creek is one of our very favorite places to go! 


Grandad set up a place for the boys to practice pitching. My sweet nephew, Corban, is the one in the front. :) 

Cutter said he was going to help Grandad chop wood.


My sweet niece, Karrigan!



They love to go on walks and explore. 



And of course Carson is picking up rocks. #thatkidandhisrocks



They played games and Gramma helped them make some sweet scrapbooks. 



The boys had a GREAT time!


Love these sweet cousins! 

While they were having fun at the Creek, I spent my day ALONE. 

Mommas, you heard me correctly! I had the day to MYSELF! 

I spent my morning READING! 


Took a break for a quick hair cut. Grabbed an iced coffee on the way home and spent the afternoon on the back patio with a new book! #myhappyplace

At one point I was on the phone with my girlfriend and told her I was having THE PERFECT DAY EVER! Gosh, don't we sometimes just a need a day to rejuvenate?! 

However, the BEST part of my day happened at 11:00pm! 

I was in bed reading my book (it's a good one!) and there was a knock on the bedroom door. And in walked ALYSSA MICHELLE!!!! 

She drove in from Waco after work to surprise me for Mother's Day! 



Oh my goodness, I love this girl so much!!!

After church on Sunday, we went out to each for lunch.

IMG_0243 2.jpg

Alyssa and I waiting for our table. 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon shopping! Woohoo! Our favorite thing to do together! 

And the boys were all glad to spend some time with Alyssa too! 


These two making silly singing videos in the car! Ha! 

IMG_0255 2.png

Carson and Alyssa playing some Wii!



And she took Carson and Cutter on a bike ride! #bestbigsisterever



We all LOVED having Alyssa home and having all 6 of us together! 

I am so grateful God chose me to be their Mom! 

Happy Monday, friends!



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