Happy Thursday, friends!

I had originally planned for this to post yesterday, however, after two late nights of baseball, I just didn’t get it finished. Baseball season is my favorite time of year! It’s also the most chaotic! Ha!


Today, I am sharing some of my favorite hair care products!
I buy all of these on Amazon and will link them for you.

First, let’s talk shampoo & conditioner!


THIS Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek shampoo and conditioner is my favorite! It leaves your hair so incredibly shiny! I have really fine hair which tangles a lot. When I say a lot, I mean it looks like a rat’s nest on top of my head after I towel dry! The Mega Sleek shampoo and conditioner makes my hair much more manageable! Not near as many tangles! And it feels SO soft!


After I towel dry my hair, I spray the It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner in my hair. It doesn’t take much - about 4 quick sprays. This helps with tangles as well and also helps keep my hair from getting static. I spray it on my wet hair and then use a large toothed comb to “pick through” my hair. Again, baby fine hair = tangles. No brushes while wet! I have used the It’s a 10 for years and LOVE it! I even have the smaller size for when I travel. If you aren’t sure about this one for you, buy the travel size to try first!


Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray is what I use to give a little body to my hair. It doesn’t take much of this - I usually spray once on each side and once in the back and I’m done. If I am wearing my hair natural curly/wavy, I will use a little more of this for that beach wave look.


Last, I use Lanza Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum on my hair. It only takes one pump for my shoulder length hair. My daughter, Alyssa, has long, thick, natural curly hair and loves this serum too! I use it more concentrated on my ends to protect them from breakage and to make them smooth. However, I use a tiny bit all over. It leaves my hair smooth, silky, and shiny and just healthy looking! It’s more on the pricey side but one bottle lasts me about 4-5 months.


Next, I use my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer to blow dry my hair straight. I have already shared this product several times and every time I share it, I have at least 5 friends order one! It has amazing reviews and I couldn’t love it more! Seriously, this may be my favorite purchase this year. It is so far! You section off your hair like you would to blow it dry, and then run the dryer through it. I use the low heat setting and then finish with the cool setting. It does have a higher heat setting for thicker hair. It takes me less than 10 minutes and my hair is completely dry AND straight! It’s like using a round brush when blow drying. The best part is that once it’s dry, I’m finished! No need for a straightener and additional heat/damage to my hair. Grab you one HERE. Thank me later! 😉


A friend recommended this Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast to me about a year ago. She kept raving about how much volume it gave her hair and she was RIGHT! This stuff is legit! I use it on my hair mostly on clean hair days. After I blow dry, I use it under the roots to give it a boost. My hair can sometimes be too clean if you know what I mean. Therefore, with it being baby fine it just kinda lays flat on top of my head. This Volume Blast gives it great lift! I spray a little under the roots on each side and at the back (usually just 3 sprays) and let it sit for a minute. Then I use my hands and run it through to smooth it out. Sometimes I will lightly run a brush over the top as well.


On my day 2, day 3, day 4 hair, I use THIS dry shampoo. I really like the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo and it is at a GREAT price point! Much less expensive option for dry shampoos at $8 for TWO bottles! You just spray on your roots, wait a couple minutes, and then rub it in good. It soaks up the oil, gives your hair a little boost of volume, and smells SO GOOD! Hello, toasted coconut!


When it’s almost time to touch up my gray roots, I use this Batiste Dry Shampoo for brunettes. It goes on with a brown color that covers your grays! You get away without washing your hair another day AND it covers your gray. That’s a WIN WIN in my book!


And THIS is the root touch up I use if you need one! Super easy to use, I leave on 20 minutes, rinse, and done! It lasts me about six weeks and is less than $6 a box!

Those are my favorite hair products! Let me know if you have any recommendations I should try!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


A few of you have mentioned you are new to my blog so I wanted to say “Hello and welcome!” to those of you who are new here. If you are a friend who has been here for a while, “I’m glad you’re here too!”

My name is Tish and this is my little piece of the internet.

I started my blog to help me document more about our family and kiddos. What I discovered is the sweetest community of friends from all over the world! I am so grateful for each of you!


I am a wife, Mom, and Realtor in Abilene, TX.

I was born and raised in Texas which means I love sweet tea, chips and queso, and all the Tex Mex food! I grew up in Abilene (moved here when I was 3) and attended Hardin-Simmons University where I received my degree in Elementary Education. I taught 3rd grade at Wylie ISD and then stayed home when I got pregnant with Carson (our 3rd kiddo). After Cutter (#4) was born I went back into teaching when Carson was 4 yrs old and Cutter was 2 yrs old. I taught Kindergarten and Pre-K at St. John’s Episcopal School. However, after three years back in teaching, God opened the door for me to go into real estate. You can read about why I became a Realtor HERE. I have now been a Realtor for 5 1/2 years and absolutely LOVE what I do! I am blessed every day by my clients!

I love coffee like Lorelai Gilmore loves coffee! I drink crazy amounts of it especially in the winter. Any other cold natured friends? I am a Reality TV junkie and love to watch The Bachelor (Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise) and Big Brother but also watch a few of the Real Housewives series too. They are all ridiculous but they make me laugh! My FAVORITE thing to do is read! If you know someone who will pay me to read books for a living, please give them my contact info! Ha! #dreamjob

However, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I want you to know about me is that I love Jesus! He is my Savior and all that I have in my life I owe to Him. Love God. Love people. It’s that simple! And if you don’t know God as your personal Savior but want a relationship with Him or have questions, I would love to visit with you! You can email me at simplytish@yahoo.com!


I am married to Mark who is truly my best friend. He knows me better than anyone else and I am so grateful to live this crazy life of ours with him by my side! We have four kiddos and spend much of our time watching them play sports! We are a soccer, football, basketball, baseball family currently and our daughter played volleyball as well as ran track (and played basketball too) when she was in high school so we have most sports covered. We also love to go to the movies and can eat our weight in movie theatre popcorn!

Mark Blackburn


Mark is the Postmaster of Stamford, TX, a small town about 40 miles north of Abilene. Mark also grew up in Abilene and attended Abilene Christian University where he played baseball. We both attended Cooper High School and Mark graduated the same year as my older brother. We dated my senior year of high school and his sophomore year at ACU for a few months and then God brought us back together 10 years later.

Alyssa Michelle


Alyssa is our oldest and our only girl! She recently turned 21 and I shared a post all about her you can read HERE. Alyssa is a senior in college and lives in Waco, TX. She is working towards her Bachelor’s degree to be a Child Life Specialist and then plans on going into her Master’s degree program next year. Being the only girl and the oldest, she is always playing second Mom to her brothers. This girl is pure light and love to all who know her! We have such a sweet special bond and I am forever grateful God chose her to make me a mom!

Conner Ryan


Conner is our oldest son who just turned 17 a few weeks ago. Conner is a junior in high school and plays on the Varsity basketball team. We love watching our #44! Conner is one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet. He has a super laid back personality - not type A like his mom and sister. Ha! Conner is easy going, loves to do anything sport related although his passion is definitely basketball. He has a close relationship with his older sister (those two are always up to something!) and he is just the absolute best big brother to our little Cs. Conner’s schedule is crazy right now with school, athletics, church activities, etc. but the second he gets home he always goes straight to find his brothers. They have all the special handshakes, inside jokes, and Carson and Cutter just want to be like Conner when they grow up. And they both want to be taller than Conner. Haha! #goals

Carson Michael


Carson is our middle son and also had a birthday a few weeks ago. Carson and Conner share a January 15th birthday exactly five years apart! Carson is 12 years old and is in 6th grade, his first year of middle school. Carson has a big heart. He is always praying for others and wants the best for his friends. He is very tender hearted and always looking for ways to serve others. Carson also plays basketball and baseball. And he is just almost taller than his Momma! (He measures every single day. Ha!) Carson loves to dress up for church, pictures, and school events. He can rock a fun suit like his Daddy! Carson is very much like Mark. He is his mini-me in looks and has a lot of the same personality traits. Carson is very personable and social. He likes to be the life of the party! It’s Carson’s world and we are all just living in it!

Cutter Maddux


Cutter Maddux completed our family 9 years ago. He is our quietest kid around others but his personality is BIG when he is at home! This kid is FUNNY! He is always making us laugh! Cutter also remembers almost everything he reads or learns so he is always using new words and trying to keep us on our toes. He loves to read like his Mom and Dad. He also absolutely LOVES going to the movies and popcorn like us too! Cutter is our cuddle bug and lover of blankets. This kid wants a new blanket every Christmas and birthday! He also prefers to be with one of us than alone in his room. He and Carson are super close and call themselves “best friend brothers”. I hope they always do that! He is also constantly in Conner’s room hanging out with his biggest brother any chance he gets. Cutter Maddux is growing up but he will always be the baby of our family. The perfect caboose!


You can keep up with us on Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE.
If you have any questions or just want to chat, you can email me at simplytish@yahoo.com.
I love to hear from you!

Have a great Tuesday!



We had THE BEST weekend! 

Friday night was spent at the ballpark for Cutter's game. 


He had an AH-MAZING catch at 3rd base! Plus, they had two great plays getting the runners out at home plate! An exciting game to end our week and they got the WIN! 


On Saturday, Mark and Conner left early to drive to San Antonio for a basketball tournament Conner was playing in with his team. They played two games that afternoon and evening and got back home around 2:00am. Long day! 

Mark's parents have a cabin south of town that we loving call The Creek.  They invited Cutter and Carson to spend Saturday with them and my niece and nephew. The Creek is one of our very favorite places to go! 


Grandad set up a place for the boys to practice pitching. My sweet nephew, Corban, is the one in the front. :) 

Cutter said he was going to help Grandad chop wood.


My sweet niece, Karrigan!



They love to go on walks and explore. 



And of course Carson is picking up rocks. #thatkidandhisrocks



They played games and Gramma helped them make some sweet scrapbooks. 



The boys had a GREAT time!


Love these sweet cousins! 

While they were having fun at the Creek, I spent my day ALONE. 

Mommas, you heard me correctly! I had the day to MYSELF! 

I spent my morning READING! 


Took a break for a quick hair cut. Grabbed an iced coffee on the way home and spent the afternoon on the back patio with a new book! #myhappyplace

At one point I was on the phone with my girlfriend and told her I was having THE PERFECT DAY EVER! Gosh, don't we sometimes just a need a day to rejuvenate?! 

However, the BEST part of my day happened at 11:00pm! 

I was in bed reading my book (it's a good one!) and there was a knock on the bedroom door. And in walked ALYSSA MICHELLE!!!! 

She drove in from Waco after work to surprise me for Mother's Day! 



Oh my goodness, I love this girl so much!!!

After church on Sunday, we went out to each for lunch.

IMG_0243 2.jpg

Alyssa and I waiting for our table. 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon shopping! Woohoo! Our favorite thing to do together! 

And the boys were all glad to spend some time with Alyssa too! 


These two making silly singing videos in the car! Ha! 

IMG_0255 2.png

Carson and Alyssa playing some Wii!



And she took Carson and Cutter on a bike ride! #bestbigsisterever



We all LOVED having Alyssa home and having all 6 of us together! 

I am so grateful God chose me to be their Mom! 

Happy Monday, friends!



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