It’s the first day of October!


I love October and Anne of Green Gables.
I read every book in the series when I was growing up. In fact, I reread the series every summer for 5 years!

We had early release Friday for Homecoming which has made this weekend feel like an extra long 3 day weekend. However, I’m not complaining! We had a GREAT weekend!


Mark took off early Friday to attend the Homecoming festivities so we decided to surprise Cutter for lunch! He is Student of the Month for September and we wanted to celebrate him!


There is a bulletin board in the cafeteria with posters of the Students of the Month. Cutter has been so excited to make the board! We are so incredibly proud of this kid!


We had about an hour before school pick up so Mark and I grabbed lunch at Perinis Steak House. It is the cutest country restaurant nestled in Buffalo Gap, TX and has even made the Today Show for their famous burgers! If you are ever out this way, it is worth the drive to stop by! Their steaks are AH-MAZING too! And Mark’s favorite are the Cowboy potatoes. He had them with his burger!


We ate and then headed to the Middle School to grab Carson and attend the Homecoming Pep Rally at the high school. Each week, the middle school students have a pep rally on Thursdays for the middle school football teams and then they attend the pep rally on Fridays for the high school. (The schools are next door to each other so the students just walk over.) Therefore, Carson has attended a few pep rallies this year. However, this was Cutter’s first one!


When the pep rally was over, we drove over to the football stadium and dropped off Carson and one of his friends so they could find the 6th grade float. Our school has a Homecoming Parade through town to celebrate the teams and Homecoming nominees. #smalltowncharm

This is our big group of family - aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins - plus some friends all waiting for the parade to begin.


They threw candy to the kids!


That’s Cutter looking back at us. He was a little shy at first to go pick up the candy but Mark assured him it was ok and then he was all about it! Haha! He’s our candy lovin kid!

IMG_4752 2.jpg

There’s Carson Michael, our big 6th grader!


We looked over and Cutter and his cousin, Corban, were enjoying their candy! These two are the sweetest best little friends.

We had a couple hours after the parade before the football game so we ran home to change and surprised the boys. Their big sister came home for the weekend!!


All 6 of us in the car is rare these days!

We decided to grab some nachos before the game.


The weather was beautiful so we ate outside on the patio.


We snapped pics while we waited on our food. :)


Sweet Carson was excited to see Alyssa. He wrote a paper about his family at school this week and wrote about how much he missed her being away at college.


She’s such a good big sister. She texts and Facetimes with them often. She misses them too!

IMG_4767 2.jpg

Alyssa with her little (bigger) brother! Conner and Alyssa are very close. They are our two oldest and have always had a special bond. Love these two so much!

IMG_4766 2.jpg

Cutter wanted his picture with Conner! #goofball


Walking into the football game…


There’s nothing like Friday Night Football in Texas!
We only stayed until halftime. Our younger kiddos were tired.

We won our Homecoming game 49-0! #waytogoindians #loveourtribe


We were up early Saturday morning for Cutter’s football game.
This is his “game face”!


His team got another WIN this week!


We ran by the grocery store after football and grabbed a few items for lunch.

We ate lunch, relaxed a little, and then headed to Cutter’s soccer game.


That’s Cutter in the middle of the field, #31. He got his second win for the day!

Conner went to the Abilene Christian University football game with friends Saturday night.


A friend of mine sat behind them and sent me this pic!
Conner sat in the “All You Can Eat” seats. He came home and was telling us all he had eaten at the game. My goodness! ACU lost money on that kid! Ha! #teenageboysneverstopeating

The rest of us spent Saturday evening snuggled on the couch watching a movie. :)

Sunday morning, Cutter woke up not feeling well. He had a low grade fever so we decided it was best to stay home from church. I spent the morning cozy on the couch with my little guy and then I hosted an Open House on one of my listings that afternoon. The rest of Sunday was a mix of football, laundry, homework, and housework.


Cutter was feeling a little better and we were able to have a family dinner!
And yes, those are pots on the table. Don’t tell my Mom! It was that kinda day. #lessdishes #keepinitreal

So blessed to have all of us together! It makes my heart SO happy!

I’ll have Part 3 of our East Coast Adventure travels tomorrow! Come back to read about the Poconos and New York City!

Happy Monday, friends!


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Happy Tuesday, Friends!

We spent the weekend in East Tawakoni visiting my Mom! 

She recently semi-retired this spring and moved to her lake house permanently. She has a beautifully remodeled house on the lake that is now one of my very favorite places! We loaded up the boys on Friday afternoon and headed out to the lake for some fun! Unfortunately, Alyssa needed to stay in Waco and couldn't meet up with us this time. We sure missed her! 



Saturday morning these two were up and ready to fish! We went to the bait shop after breakfast and grabbed some nightcrawlers and minnows. Carson kept putting his hand on the bottom of the minnow bag and would giggle feeling the minnows swimming around. 



We fished for a couple hours before lunch but didn't have much luck!


After lunch, we played some cards. We are all BIG Canasta fans! If you haven't played before, look up the rules online. There are lots of variations. You'll love it! 

It was very hot this weekend so we decided to get out in the kayaks. 


Mom and I had so much fun!


I love being out on the lake!



Carson and Conner decided to give it a try! 


They did great although Conner went overboard at one point! Ha! 



Conner challenged Granny Pat to a race although I think he got a head start! 



We did some more fishing before dinner and better luck this time!
Carson caught a catfish!



And several perch! He was having the time of his life! #mylittlefisherman 

We ended the evening with smores after dinner!
Sadly, my pictures didn't turn out since it was so dark outside. 


Up at 6:30am Sunday morning determined to catch a fish. 



And it paid off! Only a perch but I'll take it! Ha! 
I have the most fun watching the boys fish and get excited when they get a bite on their line or catch one. 😉



Conner finally got one too! (I think mine was bigger!)


Another LARGER catfish for Carson!



Carson caught one fish after another! 



Mark finally got one! (Can you see it?!)
He didn't fish as much because he was constantly baiting all of our hooks! 

A weekend full of fishing, kayaking, cards, and family was just what we needed! 

Have a great week! 



Hello Friends! 

I took some time away as I prepared for my trip to Israel in June and business got busy selling houses! I came back and hit the ground running! I always feel like I work crazy hard right before I leave and then crazy hard when I return but it is ALL worth it. And I have THE BEST clients who allow me some time away. I am a blessed girl! 😊

I'm still working on my Israel blogs to share with all of you. Alyssa and I had the opportunity to go with our church to tour Israel and there are so many things I want to share with you that it's taking me some time to write the posts and make sure I don't leave anything out. Look for those next week! 

For today, I wanted to share about our spontaneous trip this past weekend! 



On Friday, Alyssa came home from Waco to have her wisdom teeth removed. All four were impacted so she had to have oral surgery in order to remove them. This girl was a trooper! The anesthesia made her VERY emotional. She has had anesthesia before with her four knee surgeries however this one affected her very differently. In fact, I felt so bad for her that I didn't take any videos. HOWEVER, after she recovered and came back to our normal sweet Alyssa, she found that she had made videos of herself!!! She doesn't even remember recording them! Ha! They are hilarious! If you need a good laugh, go to my Facebook page HERE and watch them. And yes, I had permission to post them! 😉

On Saturday, we all decided we needed out of the house and figured Alyssa would recover better poolside than on the couch. So, we packed our bags and headed to Dallas! 

On the way, we looked up hotels with lazy rivers because floating sounded fantastic! I had a friend who had posted they had been to the Hilton Anatole so we decided to check it out. 

I called and grabbed two connecting rooms - one for me and Mark and one for the 4 kids.



We arrived and quickly realized this hotel was WAY bigger than we thought! 

Friends, it is gorgeous! 


We went to check-in and found out they had made a mistake on our reservation. They didn't have any connecting rooms available. Therefore, they offered to upgrade us if it was okay for the kids' room to be one floor away from us. Now remember, our kids are 20, 16, 11, and 9 years old so having Alyssa (20) and Conner (16) definitely helps! We told them that wasn't a problem and they upgraded us to the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE!!!! 



We had a full sectional in our living room! 



and a table that seats 8! 



Kitchenette with breakfast bar and 2 coffee makers! YES!!!



There was a mini fridge in the kitchenette and another one in the living area. 



Here is the view from the kitchenette into the living area. See that big desk on the right by Cutter?! We felt very important! The double white doors in the picture led to our bedroom. Friends, this was a 1 bedroom 1 1/2 bath suite! 



Our bedroom was the size of my first apartment! 



The kids were quite jealous of our room! Ha! 

Their room was one floor up and across the way from ours. See them way over there!


We quickly changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool. 



What we didn't realize, is there is a whole WATERPARK at the hotel! There is a kiddie area for smaller kids, two slides, basketball area, family pool, adult only pool, and a lazy river! 



I snapped a couple quick pics and then we put my phone away and hit the water! 


Outside the swim area, they have a large park area with corn hole and Connect Four games. They played a movie on the lawn for the kids that evening too. 



It was beautiful and we had gorgeous weather!



This was one of the views from our suite that night. I love the Dallas skyline! 


The kids were up and ready to go the next morning! 


What do you do when you get the Presidential Suite?

Play football of course!



The hotel was also gracious to give us a late check out so we had most of the day to hang at the pool/waterpark. 



These two have such a sweet bond! 
*Please note Alyssa's cheeks were swollen from her surgery. (She would want you to know that! 😉)* She was still as beautiful as always! 



We are lucky girls to have this guy!



Love being with this girl of mine! 



The boys spent most of their time playing basketball. 



Alyssa jumped in and showed them how it was done!



These four have my heart! 

We had THE BEST time and it was just what we needed! Some family time with my favorite peeps!

Hope you guys are all enjoying your summer! 

We are headed to east Texas to my Mom's lake house today. I'll be back Monday to recap our weekend as well as to share my Israel trip with you next week! 




We had THE BEST weekend! 

Friday night was spent at the ballpark for Cutter's game. 


He had an AH-MAZING catch at 3rd base! Plus, they had two great plays getting the runners out at home plate! An exciting game to end our week and they got the WIN! 


On Saturday, Mark and Conner left early to drive to San Antonio for a basketball tournament Conner was playing in with his team. They played two games that afternoon and evening and got back home around 2:00am. Long day! 

Mark's parents have a cabin south of town that we loving call The Creek.  They invited Cutter and Carson to spend Saturday with them and my niece and nephew. The Creek is one of our very favorite places to go! 


Grandad set up a place for the boys to practice pitching. My sweet nephew, Corban, is the one in the front. :) 

Cutter said he was going to help Grandad chop wood.


My sweet niece, Karrigan!



They love to go on walks and explore. 



And of course Carson is picking up rocks. #thatkidandhisrocks



They played games and Gramma helped them make some sweet scrapbooks. 



The boys had a GREAT time!


Love these sweet cousins! 

While they were having fun at the Creek, I spent my day ALONE. 

Mommas, you heard me correctly! I had the day to MYSELF! 

I spent my morning READING! 


Took a break for a quick hair cut. Grabbed an iced coffee on the way home and spent the afternoon on the back patio with a new book! #myhappyplace

At one point I was on the phone with my girlfriend and told her I was having THE PERFECT DAY EVER! Gosh, don't we sometimes just a need a day to rejuvenate?! 

However, the BEST part of my day happened at 11:00pm! 

I was in bed reading my book (it's a good one!) and there was a knock on the bedroom door. And in walked ALYSSA MICHELLE!!!! 

She drove in from Waco after work to surprise me for Mother's Day! 



Oh my goodness, I love this girl so much!!!

After church on Sunday, we went out to each for lunch.

IMG_0243 2.jpg

Alyssa and I waiting for our table. 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon shopping! Woohoo! Our favorite thing to do together! 

And the boys were all glad to spend some time with Alyssa too! 


These two making silly singing videos in the car! Ha! 

IMG_0255 2.png

Carson and Alyssa playing some Wii!



And she took Carson and Cutter on a bike ride! #bestbigsisterever



We all LOVED having Alyssa home and having all 6 of us together! 

I am so grateful God chose me to be their Mom! 

Happy Monday, friends!



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