Our kiddos had the week off this year for Thanksgiving and we took FULL advantage of some much needed family time! 

These two were on their bikes as soon as they got home from school on Friday. 


It has still been in the 60s and 70s here in Texas so the weather has been perfect for playing outside. Although, I am definitely ready for it to get cooler for the holidays! (and for a change in wardrobe!) #bringonthesweaters


We went to east Texas to my Mom's lake house the weekend before Thanksgiving to celebrate with my family. 

My Mom's three sisters were there and my grandmother. That's my pretty Momma on the left!


Love my sweet Granny!

Side note: I grew up calling her "Granny". When Alyssa was little, she called my Mom, Granny Pat, and so she started calling my grandmother "Granny from far away" because we had to drive farther (4 hours) to her house. So cute and it stuck! We love our Granny from Far Away! 

We ate a big Thanksgiving lunch on Saturday with everyone. My older brother, Jeremy, my sister, Tiffani, my niece, and nephew were all there as well. We had a house full! On Sunday, we had coffee on the deck and then got in a little fishing before we headed home. 


My Mom, niece, and Carson on the dock. 


This was my view all morning. It is so beautiful and so peaceful. I just love the lake house! 


Cutter and Carson fished with me but I was the only one who caught one! 


We cleaned up and headed into Terrell for lunch with Alyssa before she headed back to Waco for a few more days of classes. 


Her brothers were excited to see her for the weekend! 


Conner played a basketball game at home on Tuesday. #loveour22 


Alyssa came home from Waco on Wednesday. LOVE having our girl home!!

We taught Carson and Cutter to play Canasta! I think we may have set a record for the longest first round EVER! #anhourandahalflater #theylovedit


We spent Thanksgiving Day at Mark's parent's house. We ate all the traditional feast of turkey and dressing, sides, and desserts and more dessert and more dessert.  Then dessert again for dinner! 


My MIL, Ruth, makes THE BEST lemon pie! Honestly, all her pies are delicious. She makes her crusts from scratch and it takes her days to bake all the pies. Pecan, pumpkin, lemon, chess, and Mark's favorite, coconut. #alittlepieceofheaven 



All the girls! 

My SIL Karen, SIL Anne, Alyssa, me, and my MIL, Ruth. Isn't she the cutest?! I am THANKFUL to be a part of this family. We have a lot of fun together! 

Hope your Thanksgiving break was full of food, laughter, and love as well!


Halloween 2017

We Halloween-ed HARD this year! 

Last Saturday we attended not one but TWO Fall Festivals! 

However, first, we started the day cheering on Cutter in his soccer game. Cutter has been playing defender this season and although I wouldn't say he loves the position, he is a VERY good defender preventing lots of goals! This week his coach decided to play him as a forward and he SCORED 3 GOALS and had 2 ASSISTS! 


His team won the game and came in 1st place for the season! One player on his team yelled "Cutter is a beast!" when Cutter scored his third goal and we all got a laugh because if you know Cutter, he is the quietest of all our kiddos. :) 

We left the soccer fields and headed to Carson and Cutter's school for their Fall Festival. 


This is Carson's last year to be a wildcat!


Face painting for the win!


They had bounce houses and booths set up to play games. 


Conner is a sophomore representative for the Student Council at the high school. It is an excellent program and they do a lot of community service projects throughout the year.  Conner and some of his friends were working the booths at the Fall Festival. It was fun to have all 3 boys there and Conner at his old stomping grounds! 


Such a sweet picture of Cutter and Conner. Makes this Momma's heart melt! 

We played the games, picked out prizes, and headed to our church Fall Festival. 


These three :) 


We met up with cousins and friends at church. They played games, did the cake walk, and listened to the live bands. Mark and I worked a booth for our Sunday school class and then visited with everyone. I didn't get any other pictures. #momfail But we had a great time! 


On Halloween, we always trick or treat in our neighborhood. This year my niece and nephew met up with us. This was our group on Tuesday! 


It is always a fun atmosphere! People walking everywhere up and down sidewalks. One house had Hotel Transylvania playing in their front yard. It was a great gathering place for tired littles to sit and watch for a while. Our group paused, trick or treated for candy, and was on their way. haha #theywereonamission


Word on the street was that one house was handing out fidget spinners! What?! Our four kids were determined to find them. Because, well, fidget spinners. :) After a few blocks, we decided the Spiderman spreading the word was misinformed. Only candy was landing in our pumpkins. 

Until... We jumped in the car to head the couple blocks home and Mark decided to go down one more street. The kids were having way too much fun and so were the adults!

At the last house, they walked up and the sweet lady said they could choose one piece of candy and either a fidget spinner or sunglasses. 


Fidget Spinners for the WIN! They all declared this THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER! 

Hope your Halloween was full of fun, candy, and memories to cherish!

I now have two choices:

1. Hide the candy.

2. Buy bigger jeans. 

I'll keep you posted.

Happy Thursday, friends!