Hello Friends! 

I took some time away as I prepared for my trip to Israel in June and business got busy selling houses! I came back and hit the ground running! I always feel like I work crazy hard right before I leave and then crazy hard when I return but it is ALL worth it. And I have THE BEST clients who allow me some time away. I am a blessed girl! 😊

I'm still working on my Israel blogs to share with all of you. Alyssa and I had the opportunity to go with our church to tour Israel and there are so many things I want to share with you that it's taking me some time to write the posts and make sure I don't leave anything out. Look for those next week! 

For today, I wanted to share about our spontaneous trip this past weekend! 



On Friday, Alyssa came home from Waco to have her wisdom teeth removed. All four were impacted so she had to have oral surgery in order to remove them. This girl was a trooper! The anesthesia made her VERY emotional. She has had anesthesia before with her four knee surgeries however this one affected her very differently. In fact, I felt so bad for her that I didn't take any videos. HOWEVER, after she recovered and came back to our normal sweet Alyssa, she found that she had made videos of herself!!! She doesn't even remember recording them! Ha! They are hilarious! If you need a good laugh, go to my Facebook page HERE and watch them. And yes, I had permission to post them! 😉

On Saturday, we all decided we needed out of the house and figured Alyssa would recover better poolside than on the couch. So, we packed our bags and headed to Dallas! 

On the way, we looked up hotels with lazy rivers because floating sounded fantastic! I had a friend who had posted they had been to the Hilton Anatole so we decided to check it out. 

I called and grabbed two connecting rooms - one for me and Mark and one for the 4 kids.



We arrived and quickly realized this hotel was WAY bigger than we thought! 

Friends, it is gorgeous! 


We went to check-in and found out they had made a mistake on our reservation. They didn't have any connecting rooms available. Therefore, they offered to upgrade us if it was okay for the kids' room to be one floor away from us. Now remember, our kids are 20, 16, 11, and 9 years old so having Alyssa (20) and Conner (16) definitely helps! We told them that wasn't a problem and they upgraded us to the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE!!!! 



We had a full sectional in our living room! 



and a table that seats 8! 



Kitchenette with breakfast bar and 2 coffee makers! YES!!!



There was a mini fridge in the kitchenette and another one in the living area. 



Here is the view from the kitchenette into the living area. See that big desk on the right by Cutter?! We felt very important! The double white doors in the picture led to our bedroom. Friends, this was a 1 bedroom 1 1/2 bath suite! 



Our bedroom was the size of my first apartment! 



The kids were quite jealous of our room! Ha! 

Their room was one floor up and across the way from ours. See them way over there!


We quickly changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool. 



What we didn't realize, is there is a whole WATERPARK at the hotel! There is a kiddie area for smaller kids, two slides, basketball area, family pool, adult only pool, and a lazy river! 



I snapped a couple quick pics and then we put my phone away and hit the water! 


Outside the swim area, they have a large park area with corn hole and Connect Four games. They played a movie on the lawn for the kids that evening too. 



It was beautiful and we had gorgeous weather!



This was one of the views from our suite that night. I love the Dallas skyline! 


The kids were up and ready to go the next morning! 


What do you do when you get the Presidential Suite?

Play football of course!



The hotel was also gracious to give us a late check out so we had most of the day to hang at the pool/waterpark. 



These two have such a sweet bond! 
*Please note Alyssa's cheeks were swollen from her surgery. (She would want you to know that! 😉)* She was still as beautiful as always! 



We are lucky girls to have this guy!



Love being with this girl of mine! 



The boys spent most of their time playing basketball. 



Alyssa jumped in and showed them how it was done!



These four have my heart! 

We had THE BEST time and it was just what we needed! Some family time with my favorite peeps!

Hope you guys are all enjoying your summer! 

We are headed to east Texas to my Mom's lake house today. I'll be back Monday to recap our weekend as well as to share my Israel trip with you next week! 




Hello, Summer! 

We are SO glad to see you!! 

We finished up the last week of school STRONG and exhausted! Ha! Today, I'm sharing what we have been up to lately! 



Cutter's team placed 2nd for the season and therefore made it to the City Tournament. 


I snapped this pic during the game of Cutter talking to his coach during a pitching change. We have LOVED being on the Hot Rods this year and having Coach HIriam! 


This kid played his heart out! We fell short 13-9 but these kiddos had a great season! 



Carson had his last awards ceremony for elementary. Insert sad face HERE. He was a Million Word Reader this year, A/B Honor Roll, and was awarded the Musician award. He says it is because he loves to sing. He definitely loves a stage and audience! This kid is full of confidence! We are so proud of him. I cannot believe he will be in middle school next year! Eeeks!



We surprised Conner with a new truck! He came home one day last week from workouts and this was parked in the driveway for him! He was very excited! He just finished his sophomore year of high school. Only two more years at home! #timepleaseslowdown Love this kid!



And these two girls finished up college classes! Alyssa took a May term class these past few weeks after her spring semester completed. This girl is pulling a 4.0 and is a JUNIOR in college! So incredibly proud of all of her hard work! 

Side note - last summer Alyssa and her roommate, Kayla (on the left) spent the summer with us. We had so much fun with pool dates and shopping, cooking, game nights, and watching Big Brother together! This summer they are out of the dorms and in an apartment and are both working therefore they are staying in Waco for the summer. We are going miss having them home! 

On Saturday, this happened...


My nephew, Josh, graduated!! 

Oh my goodness, we could not be more proud and excited for him!! 


Conner and Josh are very close. Conner is really going to miss him when he leaves for college in the Fall. Until then, they have a summer to make more memories! (P.S. It was 100 degrees here Saturday and Josh threw his hat at the end of the ceremony. Thus, crazy hair! We still adore him but his Momma got it fixed after we took these few pics! Ha!) 


Joshua Martin, you have no idea how much all your little cousins love you and look up to you! We love you BIG! 

That's our life lately! 

Happy Monday, friends! 


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It's the LAST Friday of the school year
and we are PUMPED at the Ferry house!

It's been another week full of fun end of the year activities at school and finishing up baseball season. Our schedules have been crazy and therefore I haven't been on the blog every day. I'll be back consistently once we survive May! 😉

I shared about our family sign earlier this week. 


You can read about what "Don't Miss It" means to us HERE

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As always, I am linking up with ERIKA, NARCIand ANDREA to share my FAVORITES from the week! I have a lot to share today. Grab your coffee and let's go! 



Last Friday was the city wide 5th grade track meet. Carson and his friend, Rylan, both decided to enter. Carson ran the 400M and placed 3rd in his heat! Not bad for a kid who doesn't really love to run. We were so proud he signed up and tried something outside his comfort zone! 


IMG_1700 2.jpg

Carson and Cutter are both MILLION WORD READERS this year! 
On Monday, they attended a special day of activities at Abilene Christian University's campus to celebrate with the other Million Word Readers in the district. 


So proud of their hard work!
Praying they grow up to love reading as much as I do! 😊




Cutter had his GT Showcase in front of judges at school on Tuesday. He wanted to look nice for his presentation and took extra time fixing his hair that morning. He wanted me to snap a pic and send to his big sister! How cute is he?! And Alyssa approved! 



This is my sweet nephew, Corban!

On Wednesday, I pulled Cutter and Carson out of school so we could go eat lunch with Corban. Cutter and Carson are switching schools in the Fall and will be at the same one as their cousin. They wanted a sneak peak at campus!

We ate lunch with Corban and then he gave us a quick tour. The teachers had decorated for STAAR testing the entire hallway! It was THE CUTEST! We snapped pics of these little lumberjacks! 


We surprised the boys and let them skip the rest of the afternoon! 

We took Corban home with us for some fun! 


Of course, there was a lot of Fortnite to be played! 

Are your kiddos addicted to this game too? Or is it just everyone at my house? All 3 of our boys ages 9, 11, and 16 love the game. 

They headed outside and played several games of cornhole. 


They told me to take some "action" shots. 



Except they wanted to pose for their action shots! Ha! 

Cousins are ALWAYS a FAVORITE! 



Thursday was a BIG day for our Cutter Maddux! 

He started the day with his class awards ceremony. He was given the class Math award, A Honor Roll, Sportsmanship award, and Million Word Reader. He ROCKED the 3rd grade!

That evening, he played a baseball game to determine the 2nd place team for the season because we were tied for 2nd with another team. 



Hot Rods got the win and 2nd place for the season! This kid was BEAMING when he came off the field!

City Tournament - Here we come! 


I have had several of you message me on Instagram about t-shirts so I wanted to share with you my newest purchases from Oliver and Otis

Please keep in mind that I got home late Thursday night and took quick pics on our kitchen table. These are not great photos because I couldn't find good light at night in our house. #bloggerproblems 


Seriously one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! I have this Rainbow Ringer on repeat!



This Happy Place t-shirt just makes me HaPpY! 
Texas is home and home is my happy place so it is perfect! 
I bought it in mint green with navy writing but they also have it in periwinkle blue with coral. Both are so cute! 



I also grabbed this white TX serape tee. Love the bright colors for summer! 

And anytime you purchase 3 tees - you get a SURPRISE logo tee for FREE! 



How cute is this logo tee?! You can't see the colors very well because of the bad light ( so sorry!) but take my word - CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! 

Oliver and Otis is a company that a sweet friend of mine, Allie, started with her sister, Arin, and their precious mom, Patti! I absolutely ADORE these girls and their entire family!  

They love Jesus! They love Texas! They love people! 
And they have THE BEST t-shirts! 



They have onesies too! And Momma and baby can match! How SWEET is that!! 

Here are a few other of my FAVORITES that I have my eye on next!



You Make Me Happy

And if you need something for July 4th



Lit Like the 4th

Go visit their website at Oliver and Otis and getcha some! 


One last FAVORITE for today! 


Abilene Women With a Purpose is holding an event on May 31st to help provide undies for some of the homeless youth in Abilene. If you are local, the details are below! We would LOVE to have you join us! If you are not local and would like to participate and help children in need of undies (sizes 5/6 or 7/8) - email me at simply_tish@yahoo.com or message me on FB or Instagram. I'll give you an address you can send your donations to and I will personally make sure they are given! I already have a few friends that purchased through Amazon Prime and just shipped to me. Easy peasy! 

Details for locals:

Join us at The Mill for a fun girls night out UNDIE the Stars. Make friends + sip wine + help Abilene homeless with youth all in one magical night! 
*If funds allow, we would LOVE for you to bring a pack of 5/6 or 7/8 underwear to donate*

Whew! If you made it to the end of this post, THANK YOU for hanging with me today! 

Find me on Facebook HERE.

or Instagram HERE.

Happy Friday, friends!  

XO- Tish

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It's TUESDAY, friends! 

I hope your week is off to a great start! Today, I'm sharing a little life lately around the Ferry house! 

First, how cute are these two?!!


They chose to take flowers to their teachers on Monday for Teacher Appreciation. Sweet boys! And someday Cutter will learn to smile in photos. I promise he wasn't in pain! Ha! 


Last week something HUGE happened on the baseball field...


Cutter hit a HOMERUN!!!!

Now, technically, it was an in the park homerun, but in this Momma's book it doesn't matter!


And for Cutter, this truly was a big deal. Last year, Cutter was at bat in a game and when he hit the ball, the bat came back and hit him in the mouth. It broke 3 PERMANENT teeth! #ouch Needless to say, he has been very traumatized. This year, he has not been swinging the bat AT. ALL. Fortunately, he has walked quite a few times this year but he kept telling us he wants to swing and his body just won't do it. BLESS his sweet heart! Then last week he swung and grounded out to 2nd which was BIG! But the next game, he hit the HOMERUN! 


Carson has been pitching some this year and is LOVING it! #justlikehisdaddy



Cutter played his last soccer game for this season. 


We celebrated with burgers, cheese fries, and shakes! 



We have been watching baby bunnies in our backyard. Carson has been fascinated by them and taking pictures to school to share with his Science class.  So cute! 



Carson went on a camping trip to Lake Brownwood with our church and caught a fish! He was PUMPED! 



In 5th grade, every year they read the book The Castle in the Attic and then each student creates a castle of their own. Carson had a vision and it turned out great! 



See his catapult on top? He's very proud of that idea! #anditworks


And that's what we've been up to lately!

Alyssa is finishing up college finals this week and Conner is 16 so we simply don't see him too often. Ha! 

We have 4 baseball games and 3 basketball games this week so you'll find us in the gym or at the baseball field. 😉