Hey there, Friday! It’s good to see ya!

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This week FLEW by!
If you missed it, you can find my WEEKEND WRAP UP post HERE.
Tuesday I asked for y’alls help with SELF TANNERS in my TUESDAY TALK post. Read the post, comments, and then share your thoughts too!
And if you need a dessert that is sure to please, my CHOCOLATE DELIGHT recipe is HERE. Make it this weekend. You and your family will thank me! 😉

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Here are a few FAVORITES from our week!


On Tuesday, we traveled to Gail, TX for Conner’s basketball playoff game. His team played hard but lost by 8 points ending their season. Such a tough loss but we are so proud of our #44! He carries himself well on and off the court and he has been blessed by friendships on this team. We are sad to see this season end but excited for next year! Watching Conner play his passion is always a FAVORITE!


Speaking of basketball, Cutter finished his season on Tuesday as well and came in 1st place!
Mark and I were out of town at Conner’s game so Grandad took Cutter and sent us updates. That makes Grandad a FAVORITE this week too! Thank you!!


Carson played his last game Thursday night and took 2nd place! I can’t believe next year he’ll be playing in middle school. We have loved cheering on our Carson Michael!


Cutter had an assignment at school to write about someone special to them in their family. He chose his cousin, Corban. (Insert my heart melting!)


The bond between Cutter and Corban is just the sweetest!


Cousins really do make the BEST friends!


These shoes were a favorite when I bought them this Fall. I needed a good closed toed black dress shoe. However, after only wearing them a few times, the bottom of the heel broke on one of the shoes. I kept them in my closet because I didn’t have the heart to throw them away. I loved them so much. Fast forward several months and I had forgotten about them. However, Mark did not! :) For Valentine’s Day, he took them and had the heel repaired. Friends, his thoughtfulness was a FAVORITE this week! He brought them home yesterday and I still can’t believe he thought to have them fixed for me. So sweet!


This polish has been a FAVORITE too! I have spring on the brain and this Blush Against The World is the perfect subtle pink!


Random pictures texted from my 17-year-old is a FAVORITE always!
Conner and Austin - those two crack me up!
#goofballs #imsuretheyarepayingattentioninclass

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Have a great weekend!


Happy Friday, friends!!
Our kids are out of school on Monday and we are all SUPER excited for an extra day off!
Hello, long weekend!

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On Monday, I posted a little bit of THIS & THAT to start off the week.
I also shared my FAVORITE READS including books, series, and authors! You can find that post HERE.

As always, I’m linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA for Friday Favorites!

Here are a few FAVORITES from our week!


Conner played in his last home game of the season on Tuesday. We love cheering on our #44! They won their game and took 2nd place in District. On to the playoffs next week!


Alyssa surprised her brothers and came in for the night to watch Conner’s game. Such a sweet big sister! They are always excited to see her!!



It was Book Fair week at school for Cutter. He chose to buy The Baseball Fanbook. #likefatherlikeson


His FAVORITE thing was finding his name!


Cutter Maddux Ferry
First name is a baseball pitch.
Middle name after Greg Maddux, his Daddy’s favorite pitcher!

Valentine’s Day was a FAVORITE!


We started giving Carson and Cutter singing stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day when they were little. They still LOVE to see what Daddy picked out for them!


When they wake up Valentine’s morning, they always have a singing stuffed animal and a box of chocolates at their place at the table. 😉


Conner had some fun happy socks with his box of chocolates along with a gift card to go eat. Exactly what a 17 year-old boy wants! Ha!


And Alyssa found this cute surprise in her mailbox from Mark!
A singing Valentine and Starbuck’s gift card. College girls always need coffee!


My final FAVORITE this week - the gorgeous sunrises. Carson snapped this pic on the way to school. The weather has been warm (80 today!) and has us all ready for Spring. God’s creation is just breathtaking!

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!


Happy Fridayyyyyyyyy!!!

I feel like there was a lot happening over here in blog world this week so I thought I would recap in case you missed anything!
I shared my BOOK REVIEW post on Monday. It is always my FAVORITE post! You can read it HERE.
My AMAZON LATELY post shared what I’ve been ordering through Amazon Prime. You can see my cute notecards, appliance cleaners, and more HERE.
And yesterday, I shared all about the FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS program I’ve been doing that so many of you have asked me about! See the FAQ post and my BEFORE and AFTER pics HERE.

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As usual, I’m linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA to bring you some favorites for the week!

Here we go…


Monday afternoon, my nephew Corban rode home from school with us and stayed to play and eat dinner. Cutter and Corban are the sweetest best little friends. Seriously, two peas in a pod. They are at the same school this year and couldn’t be happier! Seeing these cute cousins together is always a FAVORITE!


I am in love with THIS serum! One of Alyssa’s friends recommended it and it is so good! My hair is super fine so a lot of serums make it oily. This Lanza Healing Strength serum has helped a ton with the winter fly aways, gives extra moisture to my hair, and smells AH-MAZING! I use a dime size of it on my wet hair after I wash it before I blow dry or let it air dry. I also sometimes use a little on my dry hair to help with static and give it some more life on day 2 hair. (or day 4 Ha!)


I don’t know about you, but I need a lip gloss that is moisturizing. I cannot deal with dried out lips or sticky lips from gloss. This NYX Butter Gloss goes on smoothly (not sticky!) and doesn’t dry out my lips at all. BUTTER gloss…yep, it feels so good on your smackers! My favorite color is the creme brulee. I also have it in THIS lilac pink color and THIS cotton candy color. They are both great for spring!


I shared my addiction with this green tea from HEB on Instagram this week and evidently you guys are obsessed too! The mango flavor is my FAVORITE however Mark really likes the citrus one. For zero calories, it’s a great drink choice when I want something other than water!

And finally, if you know me, you know I am a HUGE Rachel Hollis fan! I read Girl, Wash Your Face last year and have already pre-ordered her next book Girl, Stop Apologizing. On Wednesday, they released the documentary on their Rise women’s conference called Made for More on Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can watch for FREE! If not, you can purchase for less than $5! I started it yesterday and am about half way through. SO motivating! If you love Rachel like I do, watch it! It’s definitely a FAVORITE!

Ok, I’m headed to Wichita Falls for the 2nd time this week to watch Conner’s basketball game. Hoping to come home with another win tonight! #loveour44

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!
See you back here Monday!



It’s Friday!
Gosh, I’m excited for the weekend to be here! I’m ready to spend some time with my people and eat all the Super Bowl snacks! I’m still working on my list so if you have a favorite snack I should make, let me know!

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As always, I’m linking up with ERIKA, NARCI, and ANDREA for Friday Favorites!

But first (did you just read that as though Julie Chen said it?! Ha!), on Tuesday I shared a re-introduction for those of you who are new around here. You can get to know me and our family HERE.

And you can read about what we’ve been up to this month in my What’s Up Wednesday post HERE.

Now for a few FAVORITES for the week!


I received some upsetting news on Tuesday that frankly had me a little down. Mark showed up that afternoon with my favorite drink and this beautiful rose. It made my day! He put a smile on my face and I’ve enjoyed this sweet reminder of encouragement this week! Friends, encourage one another - your spouse, your kids, your friend, your sibling, a co-worker, a stranger - we all need it!


Cleaning windows is not a favorite. However, having a husband who goes to work with you and helps clean windows to be ready for an Open House is definitely a FAVORITE!


Facetiming with our college girl is ALWAYS a FAVORITE! Alyssa had a room reserved at school to study (for 5 hours!) and took a break to say hi. :) Miss her every single day!


I have shared my love for these new Ugg moccasins approximately 237,453 times on Instagram since Christmas. Seriously, one of my FAVORITE gifts. They are so comfortable and warm. I wear them every chance I get!

IMG_6575 2.jpg

Conner’s team played in a big cross time rival basketball game last Friday night. Conner’s team got the win but it was such a fun atmosphere in that gym. And seeing so many of Conner’s friends from his old school was a huge FAVORITE this week!
*That’s Conner on the far left. 😉


We have the sweetest friends who come to Conner’s games to cheer for him. They have a BRAND NEW baby who is the most precious thing you’ve ever seen. Carson is crazy about babies like his momma and was so excited to love on baby Asher.


Sweet friends and a baby boy are FAVORITES!
P.S. Carson is going to be the best Daddy someday. He is so much like Mark. They both absolutely ADORE kids!

That’s a wrap for this week!
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See you back here Monday for my BOOK REVIEW!

Have a great weekend!
Don’t forget to share your Super Bowl snack ideas!